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From locating professional movers to boxes to packing; moving can be anything but easy. On Relocation.com we attempt to make the moving process easier by providing you with informative tips and articles about the industry, so that you can be informed throughout your entire moving experience.

   1 Week Before Your Move
   10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Service
   11 Ways to Find a Trustworthy Mover
   13 Lucky Ways to Cut Your Moving Costs
   2 Weeks Before Your Move
   3 Weeks Before Your Move
   4-5 Weeks Before Your Move
   5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Moving Blues
   6 Questions to Ask Before Shipping Your Car Overseas
   6-8 Weeks Before Your Move
   8 Major Mistakes When Picking a Mover
   8 Mistakes When Planning Your Move
   A Green Move: Where to Dispose of Your Old Stuff When You Move
   A Self-Service Move -- You Pack and Load, They Drive
   A Week Before
   Air Transport
   America's Most Popular Cities
   America's Most Popular States
   Apartment Decorating Tips: Cheap Ways to Spruce Up Your Pad
   Ask the Expert: Can I Move Just One Room?
   Ask the Expert: Can I Move Myself?
   Ask the Expert: How Can I Save Money on My Move?
   Ask the Expert: How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?
   Ask the Expert: When Will I Get My Stuff?
   Ask the Expert: Will Movers Take a Small Load?
   Before an Overseas Move, Check on Customs Regulations
   Canceled Your Move? A Three-Step Plan to Moving On
   Car Move: Fun Activities for Kids When on the Road
   Choosing a Pet Carrier
   College Students or Singles
   Damaged Goods: How to File for Damages from a Move – and Win
   Do-It-Yourself Moving: Cheaper Than a Moving Company?
   Drivers License
   Easing the Trauma of Moving for Children
   Electronics, Phones and Internet Connection
   Exercises to Relieve Your Stress about Moving
   Finding and Selecting Auto Transporters
   First Move: What Questions Should You Ask?
   First-Hand Story: Our Readers' Biggest Moving Challenge, and How They Tackled It
   Five Easy Steps to Organizing a Garage Sale
   Gardening Tools
   Get Your Car Ready for Its Big Move
   Government Agencies and Policies
   Government Resources When Moving With Pets
   Green Moving: How to Make Your Next Move More Environmental
   Helping a Senior Downsize
   How the Moving Company Sets Your Estimate
   How To Avoid Moving Scams
   How to Choose the Best Neighborhood
   How to Deal With the Family Moving Blues
   How to Do a Long Distance Job Search
   How to Find a New Bank Abroad
   How to Fix a Studio Apartment
   How to Help Kids Adjust to an International Move
   How to Help the Transition for Your Kids
   How to Help Your Elderly Parents Move
   How to Help Your Kids Fit In
   How to Make Moving Easier on Your Dog
   How to Move Specialty Items
   How to Move With Kids - Video
   How to Pack for an International Move
   How to Pack Fragile and Valuable Items
   How to Pack Plants Effectively for Moving
   How to Select the Right Auto Transportation Vendors
   How to Set a Delivery Window With Your Moving Company
   How to Tell the Kids You're Moving
   How to Unpack the Boxes Without Losing Your Mind
   How to Work With Your Mover
   How Your State Regulates Movers
   Loading Your Truck: A Guide to Doing It Right
   Make Moving Fun for the Family
   Married? Moving in Together? Tips to Lessen the Moving Stress
   Moving a Long Distance? Watch Your Weight
   Moving Boxes: All You'd Ever Want to Know (Really)
   Moving Day: A Checklist of What to Do
   Moving Day: Readers' Tips on Making It Easier
   Moving Day: The Six Deadly Sins
   Moving Day: What to Expect
   Moving During the Holidays? Make It Easier on Your Kids
   Moving During the School Year: Pros and Cons
   Moving During the Winter: What to Consider
   Moving Guide - Auto Transport Guide
   Moving Guide - Moving Plant Guide
   Moving Guide - Moving Tips
   Moving Guide - Planning your move!
   Moving in the Winter - Tips and Advice for a Cold-Weather Move
   Moving In-State or Locally: What You Need to Know
   Moving In-State, or Interstate: What You Need to Know
   Moving Into a Newly Constructed Home
   Moving Protection: How Should You Insure Your Belongings?
   Moving Tips: How to Clean out Your Pantry
   Moving to a New Town: Tips to Settle-In
   Moving to College -- Get There With Less Stress
   Moving to College Firsthand Experiences -- Don't Overpack
   Moving to College Firsthand Experiences -- Finding the Right Packing System
   Moving to College Firsthand Experiences -- Packing Lists
   Moving to Suburbs from the City: What to Consider
   Moving With Babies
   Moving with Teenagers
   Moving with Toddlers
   My New International Home-Rent or Buy?
   Negotiate an Awesome Relocation Package
   Negotiating Moving Packages with Your Company
   New Place for a New Life: How to Choose a New Hometown
   New Year's Relocation Resolution – Is 2010 the Year to Move?
   On Moving Day
   On the Road
   Overseas Moving: Don't Make These 5 Mistakes
   Packing Your Bathroom: Tips and Advice
   Paperwork Soup: Know What You're Signing When You Move
   Pet Travel Warnings
   Plant Move -- A Few Weeks Before
   Practical Tips When Moving In Together
   Question & Answer
   Questions You Must Ask Your Mover
   Readers' Tips on Simplifying Packing and Unpacking
   Relocating During the Holidays: How to Make the Most of this Unique Moving Experience
   Relocation Glossary
   Relocation.com Moving Survey -- Who's Gaining, Who's Losing
   Relocation.com's Family Moving Guide
   Renting an Apartment: What Documents do you Need to Secure an Apartment?
   Room By Room Moving Tips
   Sad About Moving? Here's Why Your Move's a GOOD Thing
   Save Moving Money: Junk Your Junk
   Saying Goodbye When You Move
   Scared of Moving? Here's How to Fight Those Fears
   Settling In: Fun Activities and New Family Rituals
   Settling In: How to Have a Low-Key Thanksgiving After Moving Day
   Settling In: Tips to Meeting People in College
   Small Creatures
   Small Moves -- Will Moving Companies Be Interested?
   Smooth Move: 11 Ways to Make Moving a Breeze
   State Regulations When Moving with Pets
   Tension with Your Teen
   The Best Type of Estimate for Your Move
   The Day Before
   The Day of the Flight
   The Do's and Don'ts of Moving With Pets
   The Final Check of Your Moving Company
   The Five-Step Guide to Shipping Your Car
   The Relocation.com Guide to Picking a Moving Company
   Things you Should Know
   TIP or Not to TIP - And How Much?
   Tips for Finding the Best Deal on a Moving Company
   Tips on Learning a New Language
   Tips on Moving Internationally and Hiring a Mover
   Tips to Help a Senior Citizen Transition to a New Home
   Tips When Moving with Children
   Travel Arrangements
   Truck Rentals -- Get the Best Deal for You
   Video -- Avoid These Do-It-Yourself Moving Mistakes
   Video - How to Find and Choose Trustworthy Chicago Moving Companies
   Video - How to Pack Dishes for Your Move
   Video - How to Pack Glassware for Your Move
   Video - How to Securely and Efficiently Pack Your Computer
   Visas & Documents
   Watch for Moving Day Packing Tape Charges
   We're Connected
   What Are Some Alternatives to Moving Boxes?
   What are Some Signs that you are Working with a Quality Moving Company
   What are Some Ways to Save for a Down Payment?
   What are the Restricted Items When Moving Internationally?
   What Are Your Rights as a Renter?
   What is a Moving Company's US DOT Number? MC Number?
   What is the Best Way to Pack Antique Paintings?
   What Is Your Moving Type?
   What Moving Expenses the IRS Lets You Deduct
   What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before You Move Abroad?
   What Should You Tip Your Mover?
   What To Do If Your Move Goes Wrong
   What To Do If Your Spouse Doesn't Want To Move
   What You Need to Know About the Moving Industry
   Where Should You Donate Your Old Stuff When Moving
   Would a Relocation Do You Good?
   You Eat That? How to Prepare Yourself for a Culture Shock
   Your 10-Minute Guide to Packing
   Your International Move: Moving to England
   Your Moving Budget: How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me Anyways?
   Your Moving to College Guide
   You're Moving to Houston: How to Choose a Moving Company for Your Move

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