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A Moving Company's Moving Story

She was recently divorced. Her house had just sold. And she had a limited time to vacate the premise. Suzie Kelley had enough weighing on her mind. But when the moving crew that was scheduled to help her relocate failed to show, the Dallas, Texas woman simply didn't know what to do. She had already paid the moving company the quoted fee in advance with the last of her funds.

The movers finally came the following day and moved half of her belongings into a storage unit before claiming that it was too late to finish the job. Then, they said she would have to pay an additional $380 if she wanted them to return. When Ron Asher, CEO of Relocation.com received a call from Kelley asking for help, he and his staff immediately sprung into action.

"When Ms. Kelley called, she really was beside herself, with no options. Even though she had not booked her move through our sites, I felt compelled to help so I called Karen Tooley from my staff, and together, we were able to contact Rhino Moving Pros, which is one the great moving companies in our network," said Asher. "They agreed to help her the same day, which is unusual in itself. Then they offered to do it for free."

Word of Kelley's dilemma and Relocation.com's generous response spread quickly. The Rhino Moving Pros crew told Sue Rich, VP of Operations for Monticello Properties in Dallas. Rich was so moved that she made arrangements for the single mother and her daughter to stay in an apartment, rent-free, until she was able to get back on her feet. The offer not only kept the mother and daughter from sleeping on the floor for several months, it also completed a chain of charitable actions that Kelley told Asher renewed her faith in people. And, although she shed many tears during this emotional ordeal, she expressed that they were tears of joy, not tears of sadness and despair.

"We were very glad to be part of such a happy ending," said Asher. "I wish there were more moving companies with this compassion, and focus on service."

About Relocation.com
NY-based Relocation.com is the largest online marketplace connecting consumers who are moving locally, nationally or internationally. Working with many leading moving and storage companies around the world, Relocation.com provides free quotes from quality, professional companies that help service the 40 million customers who relocate each year. Relocation.com was listed as one of America's fastest-growing companies by Inc. magazine three years in a row. The company was founded in 2000 by online moving industry pioneer, Sharon Asher, chairman of Relocation.com. For more information, visit https://www.relocation.com/.


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A Moving Company's Moving Story
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