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June, 2012's survey was recently featured on the front page of USA Today. The headline entitled "Moving in Hard Times" highlighted our results that moving and relocating behaviors were only moderately influenced by the economy.


Our lifestyle survey found that Americans are seeking smaller homes and a suburban lifestyle. These riveting results were recently featured on in an article entitled "American dream shrinks as smaller homes gain favor."

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Every homeowner will eventually embark on a home improvement project. It may be as simple as a paint job, or as complex as remodeling a house. Big project or small, we can help.

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Start Small It may be worth your while to hire a contractor however you do all the dirty work. For example, maybe you remove old wallpaper or scrape off old paint in preparation for the contractor. This can save money and give you some experience in home improvement projects. On your next project you may have the confidence to do...

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How Can I Save Money on My Move? Got your moving quote and want to save some bucks? Here are a few ideas from moving expert Karen Tooley.

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