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Moving Tips: How to Clean out Your Pantry

By Relocation.com

When moving, you probably should consider getting rid of some stuff in order to avoid both over packing and bringing items with you that you no longer need. Most of the things you should not bring along with you are those that can easily get spoiled such as items in your pantry. Here are some tips on how to clean out your pantry before moving day.


Start by sorting the valuables. Wrap up the important things in your pantry and put them into boxes and label them. Coffee makers, little tea cups, toasters, coasters and mugs; keep all your favorites and keep them close to you for the move.

For the food in your fridge and those staying in the pantry, pick your favorites. If the items won’t last the trip then try consuming them or serve them for your send away party. The instant stuff should go with you, especially the small ones. They won’t add that much weight and stress for the trip anyway.

About two weeks before the final move, minimize your groceries and try to dine. Consume and buy as little as you can and buy only what you will finish. It will be worth the sacrifice. You don’t want to make a fuss and cram the night before the move.

Pack safely.
If you decide to bring your opened jars of pickles or some opened up items that you enjoy, make sure you pack them carefully. Crumpled papers and bubble packs help a lot for the absorbing the impact. Keep each jar safe and don’t let them spill. Try to use zip lock bags to wrap them, this is by far the safest and easiest waterproofing procedure you can do.
But please, minimize on bringing opened up jars and cooked food on your move. Things may get messy.

Throw away or donate.
Once you have completed the wrapping, try to dispose of whatever is left behind. You can donate or just leave it at the trash can if it won’t be of any use.

The “eww” stuff.
There are hidings things in your pantry just like everybody does. Clean them up. Don’t move your fridge unless you do this. You don’t want to keep that stinky smell all the way to your next place, do you?

Be reasonable.
As much as possible, try to be reasonable and only bring along those that can be used or those that are really important to you.

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