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America's Most Popular Cities

Want to move but don't know where to go?

Moving and want to find out more about the city you are about to call home?

We can help. We give you a list of the hottest cities, the reasons they could be a nice place to call home, and various ways you can go about relocating there.

First up, New York City. The largest city in the country with a population of 8.2 million, New York has enjoyed a big influx in recent years thanks to a booming economy and a living standard that's improved markedly since the 1970s. Even with the financial industry in turmoil, New York City has diversified its economy in recent years, so it should fare the economic downturn as well as any other part of the country.

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Next up is sunny Los Angeles, California, which boasts 3.8 million well-sun-tanned residents. It's been pummeled by the housing slump, but it's still the center of the nation's entertainment industry, providing a buffer to its economy. If you're interested in moving to L.A., real estate's a whole lot cheaper now, although you'll still spend a pretty penny compared with the rest of the country.  

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Chicago won't escape the economic turmoil, but it has a solidly diverse economy that has some stability with an emphasis on the food industry (you still eat even when the economy is bad). Chicago, which has a population of 2.8 million, has long been considered a reliable relocation possibility because of a steady growth in jobs and a family-friendly, not overly expensive cost of living.

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Houston usually does well when energy prices are high, and with energy prices likely to remain elavated for awhile, its economy should also fare well. At 2.2 million, Houston is a sprawling metropolis that offers good job opportunities as well as good schools.

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Phoenix has blossomed in the desert in the 1990s, but the bloom is coming off as its home market gets hit to a greater degree than other areas in the economy. Still, it boasts a diverse economy that in recent years has picked up a tech edge. At 1.5 million, its temperate weather (at least anytime other than summer) draws a steady stream of people moving to the area.

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