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First-Hand Story: Our Readers' Biggest Moving Challenge, and How They Tackled It

We at Relocation.com often survey our customers about their moving experiences, and we want to share with you their experiences to help you with your move.

We asked a simple question: What was your biggest challenge in your move, and how would you handle it differently next time?

Their responses are below.

Some of the bigger themes:

* Choose your moving company carefully. Don't go for the low bid; be explicit about the things you need to have moved; and make sure you understand and verify all the information included in the paperwork.

* Consider packing services. Many folks were worn out by all the packing – or they didn't get it done in time and ended up paying the moving company to do it on moving day. They said they'd consider paying for packing services on their next move.

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"Packing my own things.  If I could afford it I would get them to pack for me."

"I would have spent three days at the house organizing my parents.....and packing items before the movers arrived."

"Having to move the more fragile items myself.  Next time (if there is a next time), I will make sure that this is included in the estimate. "

"Trying to schedule around husband's travel schedule.  We had to split the move into two days, and the movers had to pack almost everything.  That took longer and cost more, but they did a good job. "

"Probably packing all the loose things and keeping it organized.  I'd either make myself start packing earlier or allow the moving company to do it for me. "

"Not use a broker.  I would tape the boxes 10 times around and use plenty of tape....Mark the boxes with LARGE writing, and if you have fragile things like glass mirrors, let them wrap it ... that way they are responsible for breaking your things. "

"Create one or two boxes that say 'OPEN ME FIRST.'  Those boxes have pajamas, slippers, important papers you might need for the next few days, any last-minute mail, and a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of wine!"

"The most challenging aspect of my move was packing and moving everything to storage.  Next time I move, I will have someone come and pack up things for me. "

"The 15 day arrival day windows. I was homeless for over a week. The additional charges that I did not agree to. When my father signed the paperwork when they picked up my things the sheet was blank and then they proceeded to add the additional charges aft [Relocation.com note: NEVER sign blank moving paperwork"]

"Squeezing everything into a much smaller home.  Sell, donate or trash stuff you don't need.  Don't hang on to things you really don't have a use for. "

"Getting estimates, pick-up and arrival dates.  Start early, as soon as you are firm on your move-in date. "

"The most challenging aspect about moving was making sure everything got packed over the course of several days using the right amount of magazine paper to cushion items and bubble wrap." [Relocation.com note: Be careful with magazine paper -- it might not provide enough cushioning, and it could smudge your items with news-ink.]

Other survey questions you might be interested in: 

Readers' tips on packing and unpacking

Readers' tips on making moving day less stressful

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