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What To Do If Your Move Goes Wrong

By Relocation.com

If you prepare for your move well in advanced, then you should be able to have a smooth moving experience. However, not matter how much you plan, there are some things that can go wrong that are beyond your control. You can get your stuff stolen or destroyed, natural disasters can happen or it could be just plain carelessness – if something goes wrong with your move, here are some steps you need to take.

Gather Paperwork and Evidence:
Make sure you have the original and copies of the paperwork, like moving contracts from long distance moving companies and insurance papers. When something goes wrong, make sure you gather evidence. Take pictures of items which have been destroyed or boxes or storage units that have been broken into. The same goes for accidents – take pictures of damages and injuries. Also, don’t forget to take statements from the moving people, drivers and witnesses. These may seem like overkill now and you may be thinking of more important things, but it’s important to gather some evidence while the scene and the situation is still fresh.

Weather Delays:
Sometimes, it’s really out of your control – a hurricane or snowstorm could delay your move – what do you then? You should be prepared for this, especially if you move during winter or hurricane season. Make sure you’re not waiting until the last minute to move, so that in case you have to delay your move, you can stay in your old home for a few days if needed. When this does happen, ask your movers what their policy is. Do you have to cover the expense of the delay? They will most likely have experience when this happens and have some sort of back-up plan as well.

File the Necessary Reports and Claims:

You may need to file police reports and claims if your stuff gets lost or damaged. You may need to first file a police report before getting any claims for the insurance or moving company, so make sure you check your contract on what reports and steps you need to take.

Unscrupulous Movers:
If you’re dealing with an unscrupulous mover then you can file a report with the Better Business Bureau, as well as get arbitration from the National Arbitration Forum for AMSA-affiliated movers or find a lawyer. However, check first with your local Small Claims Court before hiring a lawyer. Depending on the amount lost or damaged, you may be able to get something back through this channel, and save yourself the cost of hiring an expensive attorney.

If something goes wrong during your move, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. Just make sure that you prepare for common pitfalls and disasters, to ensure that you can survive anything that comes your way.

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