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Settling In: How to Have a Low-Key Thanksgiving After Moving Day

Congratulations on your big move! You finally unpacked the last box and are starting to settle into your new home or apartment. As you are getting the last bits and pieces together, you will also have to start to think about Thanksgiving – especially if you are not going to travel post-move. Even though you recently moved, it doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the holiday tradition, you may, however, want to downscale the grandiose level at which Thanksgiving is usually celebrated. Here are some tips to enjoying Thanksgiving after moving day (on a somewhat simpler level).

1. Downscale the cutlery. Sure, Thanksgiving is a great time to bust out the fancy china but after moving, you may either not have unpacked it or don’t want to go through the hassle of having to clean it – even with a dishwasher. Since you just moved, consider using sturdy paper plates, cups and forks. You will still need heavy duty knives to cut the turkey or bowls to hold food items like mashed potatoes, vegetables or dinner rolls, but downscaling (even just a little) will make Thanksgiving a little easier.

2. Make it a potluck. If the idea of creating a six-plus course dinner has you more stressed out than dealing with your movers; you may want to have a potluck Thanksgiving. If you still live near family or friends, ask them each to bring one item (pre-determined by you) to contribute to a very unique Thanksgiving. If you are new to an area, consider only making three to four of your favorite Thanksgiving Day foods. If you have kids, get them involved. Something has simple as mashing the potatoes can go a long way.

3. Volunteer. Giving back is also a great idea for this holiday. Rather than cooking, why not feed people that are hungry and could use your help. Research local churches, community centers or soup kitchens in your area and inquire about volunteering on Thanksgiving Day. This is also a great experience for children to as they learn how to give back to the community.

4. Go to a Restaurant. If you still want to enjoy the Thanksgiving delicacies but don’t want to cook, consider going to a restaurant. There are numerous restaurants that offer Thanksgiving Day specials at a pre-fixed price that are often “normal-sized” portions so that you don’t have to go through the post-Thanksgiving Day comma.

Whether you decide to do something for Thanksgiving after you have moved is solely up to you. The holiday, after all, is really only about spending time with family. So, if that means watching the parade or football game together and ordering pizza – then you are spending it in the perfect way that is right for you.

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