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Moving With Babies

The most important thing to remember when moving with a baby is that a baby feels your stress -- if you're unorganized and the move is chaotic, the baby will feel this and respond accordingly.

So when you're moving with a baby, take extra efforts to make sure your move is as organized and stress-free as possible.

One thing that will make you MUCH less stressed is having someone around to watch your child while you're busy with the move. Well ahead of time, identify someone who can watch the child during the packing, loading and unpacking for your move. Better yet, trundle the little one off to family members before packing starts, and then bring them back after the move is completed and everything is set up. Your move will go much more smoothly. 

Some other tips on moving with a baby.

For children under six months of age, the move can actually be pretty straight-forward because they're not as affected by picking up and leaving their new home -- they're happy with sleep, food and their parents. The one area where it's crucial to maintain some normality is the sleeping arrangements.

Make sure the baby's room is the first thing you set up, and you try to recreate as much as possible the child's former location. Still, there will be a period of adjustment, so expect some sleeplessness in the first few nights.

This is less of an issue if the baby sleeps with you. Just try to maintain a normal sleep pattern so the child's sleep isn't as disrupted.

Moving With Older Babies, Six Months and Up

For older babies, particularly as they start walking, you'll face a different set of challenges. If you're unable to keep them someplace else during the move, get their room set up as quickly as possible so they have a place to stay during the move and won't be underfoot.

You might also want to give them a 'sneak peak' at the new home so they know what's coming, and keep mentioning the upcoming move and how much fun it will be -- even an adventure! On the day of the move, show them around the house and let me know how much you will enjoy being a family there.

Moving Long Distance

If you're making a long-distance move and aren't flying, plan out your driving route carefully.

* Print out a list of where hospitals and clinics are located along the route, just in case.

* Have some of the child's favorite music in the car, whether it's classical or something more silly or fun. Anything that puts them at ease.

* Schedule a doctor's visit before you leave to make sure the child is OK to travel, and take care of any vaccinations now before you get busy in the new town you're moving to. 

* Locate a new pediatrician before you arrive at your new place, and keep the child's medical records with you.

* Don't expect to make great time... Your child will probably be a bit stressed already by the move, so plan for frequent breaks so they can get out and have some fun at playgrounds and parks along the way.

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