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Room By Room Moving Tips

By Relocation.com

When you move, you have to keep organized to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Keeping a moving checklist is a good idea, and you should check off items as you go along. One good way to ensure you stay organized is to pack, move and unpack on room at a time. You not only keep things together and make it easier to set-up, but this ensures you remember to bring everything with you. So, to help you out, here are some room by room moving tips.

Your bedroom includes all the personal items you’ll want to keep with you, such as your clothes, keepsakes, beddings, cosmetics and maybe even important documents. For your clothes and sheets, you can place them in suitcases for easier transport, though you may also want to invest in garment boxes so you can hang your clothes, pack them and unpack with without having to take them off the hangers. For your important documents and valuables, you need to keep these with you to prevent theft, loss or damage. If you have breakables, then you have to make sure they are protected. Wrap them up in paper or bubble wrap and place them in a box filled with more cushioning like foam peanuts. Tape them shut because it’s no use packing them up if they’re going to fall out of the box and hit the floor anyway.

Living Room:
The living room can be the easiest thing to pack, especially if you have professional help from a moving company, after all it’s all going to be furniture. However, you may have some smaller items which you may need to pack yourself. If you have a lot of books, remember not to put all of them into the same moving boxes. These may become too heavy for flimsy boxes to handle, not to mention that they will be difficult to lift. For breakable items, don’t forget to cushion everything. You might want to ask your movers to wrap up your furniture in moving blankets or at least cushion the corners to prevent them from damaging surfaces like walls and floors.

The kitchen may be especially difficult to pack up because you’ll have a lot of different kinds of items like pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons, knives etc. Remember the tip about cushioning breakables and try to keep things together in the same box. Label them so you know where everything is and you can easily unpack. For your forks, knives and spoons, there’s no need to wrap them individually – just leave them in the tray and wrap it up with plastic wrap. Wrap up knives carefully one by one before you pack them away (make sure you put it in the middle of the box just in case.) Don’t forget, you’ll also be moving some perishable food items. If possible, start using up what you can days before, like your oils, sauces, milk and other leftovers. If you do have to take them with you, then put them in zip lock bags to ensure they don’t spill out of their containers.

So, just remember to keep yourself organized and you’ll have a an easy moving experience.

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