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5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Moving Blues

There are many practical challenges of moving over the holidays - cold weather, icy roads, businesses closed for the holidays - but the biggest challenge can be emotional.

For many people who move before or during the holidays, this might be their first time away from family, not to mention the first time away during a major holiday. So an already difficult experience is made that much more difficult by having to celebrate the holiday season hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles away from loved ones.

Here are five ways to combat the holiday relocation blues: 

1. On the trip to your new place, make a vacation of it. Maybe stay at some nice hotels or have some nice meals. If there are some interesting sights along the way, stop in for a look. Moving is an adventure, and making the trip to your new hometown an adventure can make relocation an easier experience overall.

2. Decorate your new place with familiar items from your old home, particularly decorations you normally use during the holidays. It will remind you of the good times from your old home, help you get in a more festive state of mind, and help you create some new and lasting memories in your new home.

3. Get out and explore your new town. Sitting in your new home might just make you even more depressed - get out in the fresh air and get to know your new hometown! If you're now living in a big city, this might be a great time to do it because there won't be a lot of crowds!

4. There are all sorts of ways to keep in touch now - take advantage of them. Phone calls, sure, but also check out services like Skype, which make it really easy to set up a video connections so you can see and talk with your loved ones live.

5. Indulging in the holiday tradition of stuffing yourself may taste good, but the next day you are likely to feel sluggish, tired and irritable. So why not exercise? Nothing can make you feel better than working up a sweat. It also gets you of the house - a run is a great way to check out your new neigborhood - and joining a fitness club can be a great way to meet others in your new hometown with whom you share a common interest.

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