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Make Moving Fun for the Family

By Relocation.com

Long distance moving can be a stressful time for anyone, whether you’re single or if you have a family. For those who do have families, such as couples or single parents with kids, it can be even more difficult as you not only have to plan your move, but you have to reassure your kids and/or spouse. So, to help you when you move, here are some tips for making moving for the family.

Telling the Kids.
You might be slightly apprehensive at the thought of telling your kids you are moving. After all, you want to protect them for everything – especially from feeling sad that they’re moving away from their friends and seemingly, everything they’ve known their entire lives. However, in this case, honesty is always the best policy, no matter what age they are. Tell them as soon as you can that you are moving. Waiting at the last minute can only make them angrier and trust you less. While you should tell them you’re moving and will require moving services, make sure you emphasize the positive aspects, such as their brand new room, all the fun things near your home like pools and parks, and all the new friends they’ll have.

Get Them Involved in the Move.
One great way to make moving fun is to make it a family activity. You can get everyone to help with the packing and moving – not only will this help you get organized, but you can really get your kids involved in the effort and they’ll feel more comfortable about the idea of moving. For very young kids, there’s still some activities they can do. For example, you can use colored stickers on your furniture to make sure they’re kept together (red for master bedroom, green for living room etc.) so you can ask them to help you put the stickers. For school-age children, you can turn it into a learning activity. They can help you make an inventory lists and you can ask them to be your helpers and have them count the items on your list. Older kids need less management, but you can ask them to do more “big kid” stuff like packing, navigating (more on that later) or other organizational activities.

Have a Big Party.
Before you leave, you should have a big going-away party with your neighbors and friends. You should involve the kids in this too, and have them invite some friends over, or let them have their own party or sleepover. Allow them to spend time with their friends having fund and playing games. During the party, encourage them to exchange addresses and email addresses to keep in touch and if possible, schedule future visits.

Plan A Side Trip.
If you are moving in the summer or you have some time, take a side trip before you go to your new home. You can have a road trip to some places maybe even you’ve never been before, like national parks, monuments, famous landmarks, etc. Get the kids involved in this too, and ask them for ideas on where they’d like to go, that way they can look forward to moving day.

Moving In.
Moving in can be very exciting and involves a lot of work for you. If you can, take turns with your partner to take the kids out while the movers are coming in. This also ensures that the movers can do their job without interruption.

Moving to a new place doesn’t have to be boring or stressful for you and your family. If you turn it into a family activity, everyone can have fun.

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