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Where Should You Donate Your Old Stuff When Moving

By Relocation.com

Moving can be one of the most stressful times but it is also a great time to unload and get rid of old items that you no longer need. This is also one of the few occasions where you can restructure your home, get rid of extra stuff and make room for new things - not to mention this is also a great time to save money on your moving expenses. And for those willing to do a good turn to society, it’s a perfect time to donate. Here are a few ideas on how to do so the next time you move.

Books are an easily thing to acclimate over the years. They can also add up and cause your moving bill to skyrocket. To save some costs and get rid of books that you no need ask your local library if they take donations. By donating to your library, you will passing along your items to a large number of people at once. Ask your library regarding their donation policy. Apart from your local library, you may also donate to school libraries, orphanages and old homes. Simply place them in boxes, and label them based on type - young adult, adult, etc.

Cell Phones:
Many people throw away old cell phones because they don't think there are any uses for their old phone. However, this e-waste is actually pretty hazardous whose parts can actually be re-used. For example, some electronic stores accept old cell phones as donations for third world countries. Some agencies collect cell phones for vocational schools, which are then used to train repairmen. In many cities there are also e-waste recycling drives that reduce damage to the environment.

Thrift and Non-Profit Stores:
Always keep in mind that there are many people out there who can’t afford to spend a lot of money. Non-profit and thrift stores are a big convenience to such people, and these stores depend mostly on donations. These stores accept almost all household items from clothing to wall paintings. Give away clothes you don’t need and appliances you are hesitant to take with you. You can also donate old bedding and spare parts of your old car. These are expensive items that many people can’t purchase off the shelf.

There are a number of charities to help people with eyesight problems who can’t afford spectacles. Find out such charities near you and donate old spectacles and those you don’t need.

Toys are among the top items that people donate. You will definitely have a bulk of old toys that are no longer of any use to your children. These can be donated to nurseries, schools, day-care centers and orphanages. Many non-profit stores also accept toy donations.

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