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How to Select the Right Auto Transportation Vendors

When you are in the market to have your car shipped to a new destination, there are some basics that you should understand about how the auto shipping industry works.

  • Auto transport companies advertise in an assortment of places, including local papers, phone books and more and more using the Internet. As part of the Relocation.com network, CarMovers.com follows the policy of only working with trusted industry professionals. If you are in need of a vehicle transport company and you require top of the line service, simply submit a request for a quote on this site and you will quickly receive free, no-obligation quotes for up to six quality companies.

  • Another excellent way to find quality auto shippers is through references from friends or colleagues, especially if they have used the company themselves in the past. You may also want to ask your professional moving company if they have a recommendation. Moving companies often have partnerships with auto transporters and you may get a discount by using one of their preferred vendors.

  • Investigate the auto transport companies you are looking into using before you make your decision. You should check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been complaints against the auto shipper and how these complaints were resolved.

  • Even though there may not be auto shippers available within your local area, you should not be concerned. Auto transport companies usually have contract carriers, terminals or routes that go through most local areas. You will be able to drop off and collect your vehicle(s) at these locations.

  • Moving companies may also ship vehicle(s); however the cost will almost always be lower with an independent auto mover. Auto shippers have the specialized equipment needed for an auto move and their volume and routes make them very price competitive. However, if you think the price you are being quoted, is too good to be true, it probably is. Reliable service is critical for a successful move. You should never use a company just because the price is the lowest. For the most, the high quality auto shippers will have prices within the same general ballpark, depending on the type of cars you are shipping and the distance that you will be moving your vehicle.

  • Some moving companies offer the convenient option of shipping your car in the same truck as your household goods, but there are some things to look out for if you are looking at this option. Make sure the moving company is insured to carry your vehicle and ask how much the coverage will be to cover your vehicle. Also, if your car is going to be stored prior to shipping your vehicle, you may want to ask to see the premises. After all, it is your vehicle and you are entitled to the peace of mind of knowing that it is stored safely.

  • Outside agents are used by many auto transport companies to ship vehicles. Ask the company if they plan to use an agent. If they answer “yes”, ask to see the “certificate of insurance” of the agent. Make sure that the coverage is satisfactory and that the certificate is current.

  • Brokers can also help organize the shipment of vehicles; however they do not own any carriers or flatbed trailers. They depend on the contracted carriers to provide insurance. Again, you should ask to see the certificate of insurance. Asking to see the insurance certificate is important no matter who is transporting your vehicle. Knowing that your car is covered and that the coverage is adequate will make you comfortable in your move.

  • Many companies specifically exclude some items, such as loss or damage to personal items left in the vehicle, road damage, and glass breakage. In 1990 the Department of Transportation ruled that no personal items be left in a vehicle can be shipped. You may also need to request supplemental insurance.

Now that you have a good general background on shipping your vehicle, we suggest that you visit our “Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment” section for more information on getting your car ready to be shipped.

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