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Relocating During the Holidays: How to Make the Most of this Unique Moving Experience

It’s here: the holiday season. While some people may be unpacking and setting up their holiday decorations, you may be finding that you are packing up yours – and not just your holiday goods but all of the belongings in your entire household. Whether you have to move or you want to move during this time of year, you can still make the most of this moving experience and celebrate with some of these alternative solutions.

1. Plan Ahead. As with any move, planning ahead of time will ensure that you have a successful moving day experience. This involves locating movers, packing and obtaining boxes. Since you are moving during the holidays, be sure to ask (well in advance) if they can move during your specific dates and whether they charge extra for moving during this time of year. Feeling disorganized and stressed can also cause problems when relocating to a new home, so staying on top of the moving game is sure to alleviate some unnecessary strain.

2. On the Road. If you are moving during the holidays, try to maintain a cheerful disposition and positive thinking (especially if you have children). You may to stick to one tradition (if possible) such as stopping for hot chocolate and opening a present or singing holiday songs in your car. Something familiar will be really helpful through this transition.

3. Moved In. You made it into your new home before the holidays but you aren’t fully acclimated to your new house (re: not unpacked). Instead of stressing over the unpacking, get out of the house and have an alternative holiday experience. You and your family can go to the movies, eat at a fancy restaurant or visit your community center to see the local Christmas tree – whatever it is try not to think about your boxes or ‘to-do’ list at home. Separate yourself from that for at least one day and enjoy the holiday without having to clean or decorate.

4. Simplify. You may be someone that has been acclimated into your new home for some time before the holidays and have already unpacked and are looking to celebrate in your new home. If that’s the case; think about simplifying from your normal traditions. This doesn’t mean not ‘pulling out the stops,’ but rather, downscaling the holiday (a bit). Instead of décor placed throughout your house, decorate only your living room or instead of decorating follow some holiday traditions like listening to music or cooking. Keep it simple and the true meaning of the holiday is bound to surface.

5. Stay Connected. If you have moved away from your family and friends, the holiday season can be very lonely. Lucky, though, it is very easy to stay connected in these modern times. Call, email or Skype your family during the holidays to wish each other well as well as to update your family about how you are settling-in

Moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be a depressing and miserable time for you and your family. Simply take it for what it is (a one-time moving situation) and try make the most out of this unique moving experience.

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