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Your 10-Minute Guide to Packing

This article will teach you a packing process that will make your move easier – if this is the only thing you have time to read about packing for your upcoming move, it will be enough.

Get Organized

  1. Buy boxes, packing tape, magic markers, and a clipboard.

  2. In each room of your house, put the boxes and packing tape that you'll need for each room. If you have the space, put together the boxes well before packing.

  3. Buy a box of magic markers and put a different color marker in each room. You will use the magic marker to mark the boxes in that room, creating a 'color code' system for your movers -- red for the boxes for the living room, blue for the boxes in the kitchen, etc.

  4. Have a piece of paper for each room on the clipboard.

Pack It
  1. In each room, pack first the things you use infrequently -- clothes and sporting goods that are out of season, knicknacks, etc.

  2. Using that room's designated color, label the first box you pack "1" with a description of contents, the second box, "2," etc. When you unpack, you will unpack the higher-numbered boxes first -- these are the items you use more frequently.

  3. Before moving on to the next box, pack each box full and seal it. After you get a closet packed, move the boxes into the closet.

  4. In addition to a brief label on the box itself, on your clipboard write a more detailed description of the box's contents and its number -- you will use this list to make sure each box was delivered, and you will use this list to help you find things you might need access to quickly.

  5. Pack a few boxes a day so you don't get overwhelmed.

  6. Pack a separate box of items you'll need right away at the new house -- carry it with you in case you arrive before the movers. Pack in this box: Cleaning supplies, basic kitchen utensils, simple food items, a set of clothes per person, bathroom items, and new sheets.

Unpack It
  1. Lay out the rugs, and get the furniture and dressers where you want them. Then tackle boxes.

  2. Unpack these rooms first: kids rooms (keeps them occupied); your bedroom (at least set up the bed, it's a nice thing after a stressful day); the kitchen (you like eating, right?).

  3. In each room, unpack the higher numbers first, and check each box off your inventory.

  4. Unpack each box completely, break down the box, and discard it before moving on.

  5. Like packing, set a daily box goal for unpacking.

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