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How to Move Specialty Items

By Relocation.com

For the most part, many people who are moving just place their things in a box and are happy to have the long distance moving companies cart them away. However, what if you have some specialty items you need to move? Then you need to take extra care when you pack or move them. Usually, a good moving company will be able to advice you on what needs to be done. But, if you prefer to do it yourself, or perhaps the moving company refuses to pack or move it for you for insurance purposes, then here are some tips to help you move these specialty items.

If you have a piano at home, then this is considered a specialty item. Extra needs to be taken when moving a piano, as it has some delicate inner parts that need to be preserved in order to ensure it reaches the destination in good working order. First off, protect yourself. Even a small upright piano can weigh a ton, so get help from a friend or family member and rent or buy special items like heavy duty straps and a trolley to help you roll it out. Make sure you wrap the piano in padding, and tape or strap down the parts that move or open, like the keyboard or top lid. When you get it onto the truck, make sure you secure it properly, especially if it has wheels so it doesn’t move around. Once you’ve got it moved into your home, you’ll probably need to get it tuned as things may have shifted inside.

Large Screen TVS.
Many people own large TVs and moving them can be a hassle. But, if you take the time to take care of it and move it, then it won’t be so difficult. If you’ve kept the original box and packaging, then good for you! Try to put it back the same way it was packed when you brought it home and your job is halfway done. If you don’t then you’ll have to make sure it’s properly padded. Rent or buy some specialty furniture padding. Place the padding (which usually looks like a big blanket) on the floor and carefully lay your TV on top (screen side up). Wrap up the TV and secure the padding with tape. Make sure you indicate which side has the screen for your movers so they can place it in the truck accordingly. If you’re moving it down a flight of stairs, the best position is the place the base towards the bottom of the stairs, with the screen side facing up, so if you drop it, you’ll most likely save the screen.

Boats or Jet Skis.
You’re probably used to moving around your boat or jet ski, but long-distance moving may have different circumstances. First, you’ll have to remove items that may move or shift, like your personal items inside the cabins, dinnerware, storage items and items that are sticking out like antennas. Remove the plug (in case it rains during transport), disconnect the batteries and drain the holding and water tanks. You may want to consider getting it wrapped for the journey or even winterizing it if you have to travel in the colder months.

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