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Settling In: Fun Activities and New Family Rituals

Once the moving process is done and your are finally settled in you are family will likely be excited about getting back to your routine. One way to get back to the norm is to get your family together for fun and interactive activities like family game and craft nights. As challenging as it may be to get family together, few thing in life compare to the joy of spending quality time with the entire family. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your family engaged as you settle into your new place.

Family Crafts Night:
Family crafts night is a great way to spend time with your family while sparking creativity and opening doors of communication. You don’t have to wait for a holiday to have fun with the entire family on arts and crafts night. Head down to a local craft shop and ask around for a few suggestions. Look for crafts that will include everyone and will keep family members of all ages engaged. Many ideas for family craft night can be found online; however, simple things like popsicle sticks, clay and dough projects provide the tactile satisfaction of rolling and shaping. Whatever craft you choose, remember that it is the creative process that is important, not the finished product. No need to worry if things aren’t perfectly done, just relax and enjoy the creative process. And don’t forget, making a mess is half the fun.

Family Movie Night:
Keep in mind, the point is to assure everyone is involved and movie night is no different. We all have different taste, even within our household, so make decisions that will please everyone in the group. If this means renting several movies to assure everyone is happy, so be it. Consider making it a double feature with the second showing starting after the youngest have gone to bed.  Set a movie start time and make sure all chores are taken care of before you settling in for the movie. The nice thing about watching movies at home is that you are in control. Schedule an intermission for bathroom and snack break.  Allow for time after the movie to talk about what you watched. After all, that’s what family night is all about.

Family Board Game Night:
Start by choosing a board game that involves the entire family. Of course, selecting a game that engages everyone can be a little tricky, especially if you have children of different ages. Start by playing a game that even the youngest in the group can enjoy. Once the entire family has played the simpler game, let the youngest team up with an older family member and take a crack at a more challenging game. The classics such as Scrabble and Monopoly are always safe choices, but don’t be afraid to try something new; It will help even the playing field, as well as open the floor for addition conversation as you teach one other the rules.

Family Spots Night:
Head outside for some family fun.  A sports night is the perfect way to get the family together – not to mention a healthy one. Plan a simple walk or scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. Split up into two teams and give your family a reason to work as a team. Relay races or a game of tag is always sure to please. Grab a ball and head down to a local park or meet in the backyard for a game of kickball, soccer, touch football or dodge ball. The opportunities are endless. The important thing is getting the family outside for this healthy and surefire way to keep the entire family entertained.

Family Ride:
A road trip doesn’t have to be a hassle. Gather the family and hit the road for a min-road trip around town. Take the opportunity to visit an unfamiliar part of neighborhood or ask for suggestions from the kids. Take a ride to a neighboring town and scout out potential spots for future family night activities. Remember, the idea is to keep everybody involved, so be sure to give everyone a voice in deciding the next leg of the trip. Consider a ride-by scavenger hunt. Pass out “hint-lists” and allow the entire family to get involved in the trip. Remember to keep the music down to a minimum to help promote conversational and avoid any unnecessary conflict.

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