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Moving During the Winter: What to Consider

By Maria Paulia Belgado
Special to Relocation.com

Most people move during summer or spring when the weather is pleasant, and it’s easy to move around. Of course, this is the “high season” and most movers will charge a premium to move you during these peak times. Very few people move during the winter, especially in places with harsh winters and lots of snow. It’s difficult to move things in and of the house, not to mention moving during this time can make it difficult to drive. However, people still move during the winter, which requires you to work with professional movers that can handle a variety of weather conditions as well as those that can deal with the cold. Here are some things to consider with this special moving situation.

Why Move in the Winter?
You may think moving in the winter is crazy, but think about it – no one else wants to move during this time. Moving companies can accommodate your move and the dates you want to move. Demand is low and so are the prices. Also, because of high demand in the summer, many companies hire temporary and inexperience movers, like seasonal workers or students out for the summer. You don’t want to entrust your precious belongings with amateurs. During winter time, only the professional movers will be on duty.

Weather Matters
Being winter, it will be cold. However, even when the temperature dips below zero, people always say, “At least is isn’t snowing.” When you decide to move in winter, make sure you check the weather report. Try to be flexible and don’t move when there’s a blizzard coming along. If weather reports indicate heavy snow, then perhaps think twice, and see if you can delay your move for a day or two. Try to move towards the end of winter, and maybe you’ll be blessed with an unusually warm days. Just in case, don’t put your winter wear in the moving boxes – have them with you and have some spare ones just in case.

Before your hire any movers, ask them what steps they take to ensure your winter move goes through without any hitches. Do they have their vans properly equipped? When will you reschedule in case of a blizzard? What happens if the roads get blocked? These are just some of the things you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

Bundle up Your Precious Belongings
When you are packing up, make sure you protect your valuables for the long, cold ride. You may have some wood furniture that may be vulnerable to cracking when the weather goes below zero. Electronics have sensitive parts that can be destroyed by moisture. Plants can freeze in extreme cold, so for long rides, it’s best to put them in the back seat, rather than in a moving van. And of course, there’s your most precious items – your kids and pets! Get the kids bundled up, the dogs and cats in their carriers, and prepare them for the move as well. Winter may not seem like the best time to move, logistically, but it may save you a bundle. With some planning and preparation, you can ensure that your winter move proceeds smoothly and without any interruption.

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