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Moving with Toddlers

Moving with children can be rather challenging. Younger children such as toddlers thrive off of their routines and taking them out of it can make them anxious or fearful. Of course, your move is inevitable so the best thing to do is to talk about your new moving plan. Leading up to your move talk about the big change as much as possible. Reading books such as "We're Moving" by Heather Maisner or "Who Will Be My Friends" by Syd Hoff are ways for your toddlers to hear about other kids and their moving experiences. You can also show your toddler pictures of their new neighborhood and home.

On moving day, keep your toddler's activities as similar as possible. For example, schedule meals at the same time every day or if they nap try to make sure that they have a rest period -- even if it ends up being on your lap. Here are some suggestions of things you can do to help them become better accustomed to the idea of the upcoming move:

  • Try your best to get them to relay how they are feeling or give them a job to do, such as boxing up their toys.
  • Do not pack up their favorite blanket or teddy bear! These items are their security objects and will comfort them when they arrive somewhere unfamiliar.
  • Let them be creative and color over the cardboard boxes.
  • Let them pick out colors and decorations for their new room. This will allow them feel as though they have a role in the process and can be excited about the move.

When younger children hear they will be moving they begin to fear that they will be left behind. Reassure them that they are coming with you, to eliminate any of their insecurities.

If they show signs of withdrawal, talk to them or let their new teacher know so he or she can help. If the situation worsens, locate a counselor for your child who has experience dealing with similar issues.

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