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If you have never done any long-distance moving, you're probably asking many questions, like, "What's first?" "How is my move cost calculated?" "What documents are used, and why?" When questions like these aren't answered, we get anxious and the stress makes the entire process harder.

Relocation.com believes much of this stress can be lessened by helping you understand the basics of the van line system and the moving process.

Our tips and advice about moving can help get you familiar you with events that come at various stages of your moving process.

We also seek to familiarize you with industry terms, the documentation you need, and your rights and responsibilities when moving. All interstate movers listed on our website are pre-screened for proper licensing, insurance, and operating authority. This is verified via the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) database.

Should you have further questions regarding your upcoming relocation, contact us and one of our Customer Service Representatives will respond to you quickly.
HomeMoving Services