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Wailea Movers Inc.
NM movers, Our mission is to provide an efficient relocation and storage service that can accommodate all of your specific requirements.

US DOT: 3768407

Intra: 4190-C

MC: 52004

Wailea Movers Inc.

United Transportation Moving & Storage
At United Transportation Moving & Storage, our mission is this: to handle your items and deliveries in a timely and cost–efficient manner and to...

US DOT: 1978660

MC: 699570

United Transportation Moving & Storage

American Van Lines, Inc.
American Van Lines is a long distance moving company with extensive resources. Regardless of where you’re moving to and from, one of our long...

US DOT: 614506

Intra: IM105

MC: 294798

American Van Lines, Inc.

Allied & North American Van Lines
Allied & North American Van Lines has over 85 years of experience and has built one of the largest moving networks in the world to service consumers,...

US DOT: 76235

MC: 15735

Allied & North American Van Lines

Big Man's Moving Company LLC
Relocation quotes, In 2016, Josh and Brooke Anderson used a well-known moving company for a local move. The movers arrived hours late without communication and were...

US DOT: 2951960

Intra: IM2726

MC: 14801

Big Man's Moving Company LLC

U-Pack Moving
ABF U-Pack Moving was launched nationwide on October 1, 1997 by ABF Freight System, Inc. U-Pack has become an extremely popular choice for...

US DOT: 82866

MC: 29910

U-Pack Moving

Mayflower Van Lines
Moving companies New Mexico, Mayflower is a trusted, national moving company for over 90 years. As part of the nation’s largest organization, providing moving and storage...

US DOT: 125563

MC: 2934

Mayflower Van Lines

Arrow Trucking LLC
Are you seeking a moving company that offers excellence at every step of your journey? Look no further than Arrow Trucking. With decades of...

US DOT: 2477609

MC: 857145

Arrow Trucking LLC

Laser International Transportation Incorporated
We provide international moving and storage solutions to private and corporate clients. We focus on transporting household goods and automobiles...

Interstate: 024579

Laser International Transportation Incorporated

Alaska Terminals, Inc.
Since opening our doors for business back in 1981, Alaska Terminals has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s...

US DOT: 125550

MC: 79658

Alaska Terminals, Inc.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Albuquerque
We are committed to our customers' satisfaction. Our highly-trained professionals make your moving experience as pleasant and hassle-free as...

Intra: 57658

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Albuquerque

On Time Moving & Storage
On Time Moving is a locally owned company starting in 1997 with over 20 years’ experience in the relocation industry. We service worldwide with...

US DOT: 1447613

Intra: IM1487

MC: 547090

On Time Moving & Storage

Safe Ship Moving Services
New Mexico movers, Whether you’re moving cross country or dealing with a long distance move between states, our professional long distance moving advisors bring...

US DOT: 3475743

MC: 1139083

Safe Ship Moving Services

Premier Van Lines International
Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in international moves. We are...

US DOT: 3662762

MC: 1266993

Premier Van Lines International

All My Sons Moving & Storage
We are committed to our customers' satisfaction. Our highly-trained professionals make your moving experience as pleasant and hassle-free as...

US DOT: 923537

Intra: HHG-00544

MC: 398543

All My Sons Moving & Storage

Useful Resources:

Moving to New Mexico
If you're moving to New Mexico, you're moving to a place with over 500 years of colonial and post-colonial history. Before you pack your bags and find a New Mexico moving company, take a moment to learn about the state you'll soon call home. In the famous words of Lew Wallace (governor of New Mexico in 1881), "Every calculation based on experience elsewhere fails in New Mexico." The state stands out in the diversity of its people and the rugged beauty of its wildernesses.

New Mexico didn't get its name by chance; it was originally a Mexican province before becoming an American Territory in 1848 in the wake of the Mexican-American War. The state is home to many Hispanic and Native American people, which means that it has a vibrant and varied culture with overtones of the Spanish, Native North American and Native South American civilizations.

Population: More than two million people call New Mexico home, but the state is so large that the population density is only 15 people per square mile. The population is growing faster than elsewhere in the United States, with a 10 percent increase from 2000 to 2009. The stable economy and low cost of living are just two of the reasons that so many people are moving to New Mexico.

Local Activities: When you think of touring New Mexico, you probably think of deserts and ghost towns, but New Mexico industry is on the cutting edge of technology. Visitors who are interested in science will enjoy touring the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, the Very Large Array and the nation's first commercial spaceport, which is aptly named Spaceport America.

Nature-lovers will also enjoy traveling New Mexico's many scenic byways, which include the Billy the Kid Byway, the Santa Fe Trail Byway, the High Road to Taos and the Route 66 Byway. The state is also dotted with natural hot springs and (as we mentioned already) historic ghost towns that once hosted such famous/infamous people as Pancho Villa and John Chisum.

Economy: The largest employer in New Mexico is the United States government, which accounts for over one quarter of New Mexico jobs. This means that the New Mexico economy is relatively immune to the boom-and-bust cycle of growth and recession that characterizes the nation's overall economy. In addition to Federal Air Force bases and research laboratories, there are a number of private defense contractors located in the state, which further boosts the local economy.

The dry climate of New Mexico limits the number of agricultural products that can be grown; many of its less arid areas are used for ranching instead of farming. Of the plants that are harvested from New Mexico farms, chili peppers and pinto beans are its most famous crops, but hay and sorghum are its largest crops.

As mentioned before, the cost of living in New Mexico is lower than in some nearby states such as California. For this reason, many former residents of the West Coast have been relocating to New Mexico in search of affordable housing.

State Bird: The New Mexico state bird is the roadrunner, which is also known as the chaparral bird.

State Flower: The state flower of New Mexico is the yucca flower, which is a white edible flower with a long stem and long, dagger-like leaves.

State Song: To reflect its rich cultural heritage, New Mexico has several state songs.
  • English song: "O, Fair New Mexico" by Elizabeth Garrett

  • Spanish song: "Asi Es Nuevo Mejico" by Amadeo Lucero

  • Bilingual song: "New Mexico - Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico" by Pablo Mares

  • Cowboy song: "Under New Mexico Skies" by Syd Masters

  • Ballad: "Land of Enchantment - New Mexico" by Martin Murphy, Chick Raines and Don Cook

New Mexico - Interesting Facts:
  • New Mexico has several unusual state symbols, including a state question ("Red or green?") and a state aircraft (the hot air balloon). Every October, the nation's largest hot air balloon festival is hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • The oldest government building in the United States is the Palace of the Governors, a fortress built in 1609 by the Spanish who colonized Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • You've heard of Las Vegas, Nevada, but have you heard of Las Vegas, New Mexico? At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was the largest city in New Mexico.

New Mexico - Famous People:
  • Before he moved to Tombstone, the legendary Doc Holliday operated a saloon, dentist office and gambling hall in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

  • Legendary country-western musician Bob Wills (of the Texas Playboys) worked in a barber shop in Roy, New Mexico.

  • The national fire safety mascot Smokey the Bear was found in trapped in a tree after a forest fire in New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest.

  • Taos, New Mexico is known for its history of "seducing" newcomers into staying. Famous residents have included painter Georgia O'Keefe and author D.H. Lawrence.

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