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Premier Van Lines International
Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in international moves. We are...

US DOT: 3662762

MC: 1266993

Premier Van Lines International

Bronze Star Moving and Storage Incorporated
Hawaii moving companies, We’re a bunch of hard working folks aiming to make people's lives easier. The level of service we provide is the most important component of our...

US DOT: 3710555

MC: 1302081

Bronze Star Moving and Storage Incorporated

City Moving
GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move when you choose GP...

US DOT: 1826833

MC: 662744

City Moving

Arrow Trucking LLC
Are you seeking a moving company that offers excellence at every step of your journey? Look no further than Arrow Trucking. With decades of...

US DOT: 2477609

MC: 857145

Arrow Trucking LLC

A Plus Moving
HI movers, A Plus Moving Group offers local and long-distance moves throughout the USA. We are one of the leading and most reputable relocation services in the...

US DOT: 3920829

Intra: C-2340

MC: 1450184

A Plus Moving
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Moving to Hawaii
Wow, you're moving to Hawaii. Now that you are the envy of all of your friends, it's time to locate professional Hawaiian moving companies and learn more about this exciting island that you will call home.

A new state to the U.S., Hawaii officially became the 50th state when it was annexed by the U.S in 1959. Following its institution as a U.S. state, Hawaii quickly became modernized as new construction projects and the tourism industry took off.

Hawaii is also referred to as the Aloha state, which is composed of a series of eight islands spread over 1,500 miles. The islands are Maui, Oahu, Niihau, Kauai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii that were formed from volcanic activity whose hot spot remains stationary slowly forming new volcanoes.

Population: Hawaii is home to 1.2 million residents.

Local Activities: The beaches are an obvious activity you can enjoy when moving to Hawaii. The beaches on Kauai, Oahu and Maui are ideal for surfing; while the miles of white sandy beaches at Papohaku Beach on Molokai quite the sight. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, whale watching or checking out the historic USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor are more exciting sights you can explore.

Capital City: The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, which is located on the island of Oahu.

Economy: Hawaii's economy is driven by the production of pineapple, sugarcane, tourism, military and education. The state imports coffee, nuts and livestock.

State Song: Hawaii's state song is "Hawaii's Own." It was written by King David Kalakaua.

State Bird: The state bird is the Hawaiian goose

State Tree: The state tree is the candlenut.

Hawaii - Interesting Facts:
  • President Barack Obama spent his childhood living in Hawaii. He is the only president from this state.

  • Hawaii is the only U.S. state where coffee is grown.

  • Hawaii is completely surrounded by water.

  • All of the islands in Hawaii were formed from volcanic activity.

  • Hawaii is the widest state in the U.S.

  • There is no daylight savings time in Hawaii.

Hawaii - Famous People:
Many famous people have called Hawaii home and many others still do today. The actresses Tia Carrere, Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler are all from Hawaii.

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