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4 Challenges That Can Screw Up Your Job Interview

No matter how much time and preparation you put in to getting ready for an interview things can happen that are outside your control. The interviewer may be unprepared, difficult or down right rude.

How to stay in the running for a job and hold on to your self-respect and dignity is the topic discussed in this section.

1. Difficult Interviewers:
Interviewers come in all shapes and sizes and have many different personalities. It is important to remember no matter how tough the interviewer is you must remember why you are there and match up your skills and background with the open position. You will need to change tactics depending on the type of interviewer you get. Difficult interviewers generally fall in to the following categories.

Talks too much
A disorganized interviewer probably has no idea on how to stop talking. They go on and on an on. In some way you can use this to your advantage however you still need to get across the message of your suitability for the position.

This can be conveyed by choosing your moments carefully when you in to the conversation without obviously cutting off the interviewer. A chatterbox likes nothing less than being cut off in mid sentence. Ask specific questions to show the interviewer how your background matches his needs.

Disorganized Interview
A disorganized interviewer probably has no idea on how to conduct an interview and probably bases his hiring decision on very little that is relevant to the open position. It is entirely possible to take advantage of this situation and take the lead on the interview. Keep talking about your strengths and ability and how well they match the requirements of the open position.

Serious, Unemotional Interviewer
It can be very difficult to get a read on a serious or unemotional interviewer as you do not get a reaction when your respond to a question or ask a question. It is best to tone down your overall tone with this type of interviewer and don't be put of by the lack of response. Present your case, your strengths and ability to do the job and give less attention to the outward response of the interviewer.

Game Players
There are also interviewers who like to play games to see how you react. These games include..

  • Placing the chair you are to sit in direct sunlight. It is appropriate to tell the interviewer you are moving the chair due to the sunlight in your face.
  • Placing you in a chair that is either very uncomfortable or too comfortable. You can ask to move. They may be trying to see how assertive you are.
  • Challenging your answers to see what kind of reaction they get. Keep calm and stick to your answers.

2. Interviews with more than one interviewer:
Interviews where there is more than one interviewer can be very challenging.

You have to direct your responses to a group of people. The insight you gain from this is that the company places high value on teamwork. You may however get mixed messages on what the desired background for the position is from the questions the different interviewers ask. This can tell you they are not all in sync which can be very challenging to deal with. The following are some tips you can keep in mind should you find yourself faced with more than one interviewer.

  • Don't avoid or ignore anybody. Remember just because someone is quiet does not mean they do not make decisions. Try to get a feel for who is the key decision maker.
  • Respond to each interviewer. Don't look on the interviewers as one group (which they are!) but as individuals with different needs so respond to the person asking the questions however making eye contact with the other interviews at the same time.
  • Don't break down if you did not know beforehand there would be more than one interviewer. Stick to your guns. Your objective remains the same.
  • Always ask for clarification for questions that need it and don't hurry with your answers.

3. Interviews over a meal:
Some interviews may take place over lunch or dinner or even coffee. Don't be misguided and think that you can be more relaxed. This is still an interview and you need to be on your best behavior and you also nee dot use your best table manners. Order a meal that is easy to eat and not messy and do not order the most expensive item on the menu.

4. Improper Questions:
There are questions an interviewer should never ask and are not permitted by federal law to ask. So what are these questions or subject that should be off limits to interviewers.

They include …

  • Religion
  • Age
  • Sexuality
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Marital status

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