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Pre-Interview Prep: How to Get Ready for the Interview

Good preparation and planning will always help to avoid surprises -- which you definately want to avoid on the day of your interview.

We tackle how you should dress, and how you can control those interview jitters.

It is critical to dress appropriately and be groomed for the interview to make a good impression. First impressions are key -- do not underestimate them.

So how should you dress?

It depends on the type of company. If you are applying for a job in the bank your attire will most likely be different than if you were interviewing for position in sale in a trendy retail store.

Irrespective of the style of clothing you should always "dress up" for an interview. You want to make sure that your choice of clothing and accessories and your general grooming are what is considered normal for the industry. Remember, you do not want to make a fashion statement at the interview you want to fit in.

For men, for office type positions a dark suit with a white or light blue shirt and an understated coordinated type is acceptable for the interview. For women a suit or dress that is fashionable yet business like and not flashy is acceptable.

If you are uncertain of how the people dress in that company, visit the building and watch people go in and out to get a sense of what's appropriate.

The following are some key points to consider when grooming and preparing your attire for an interview.

  • Don't go crazy with jewelry or makeup
  • If you smoke, use breath mints prior to the interview
  • Wear appropriate, professional-looking shoes.

Controlling Interview Jitters
It's perfectly normal to be a little nervous before the actual interview. The key is not to get so nervous it affects your preparation for the interview and performance at the interview. The following are some key points to consider if you do get nervous which will help with the jitters.

Be Prepared
Being prepared is discussed here again as it is critically important to the success of the interview. If you can honestly answer that you have done all you can, including getting info about the company and having a general understanding of how the company works and how you might fit in to the company prior to the interviewm this will give you a sense of confidence and inner peace.

Be Organized
Be sure to have your interview suit cleaned and pressed will in advance of the interview and make sure it is in good repair and still fits you if you have not worn it in a while. Don't forget to check your shoes also. Listen to the weather forecast and for any highway road works on your planned route to the interview for the day of the interview so you can make alternate plans ahead of time.

Get a good night sleep on the night before the interview.

Slow down
In general slow yourself down on the day of the interview and stay calm.

Be punctual
Leave yourself enough time to get there with at least a half hour to spare so you can gather your thoughts.

On arrival at the actual interview location, be on your best behavior. Who knows but maybe the interviewer will be the guy who cut you off in the parking lot. Remember the receptionist works for the company also and it is highly likely she knows the hiring manager. You could also bump in to the interviewer in the reception area so smile, be courteous and engage in conversation if you are invited.

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