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You Got the Job! 7 tips for Getting Ready to Start Work

The tough part's over, right? Not necessarily. Now you have to get ready for the new job. Here are some tips.  

Take a Break
Try to take at least one week off between jobs. This will allow you to recharge your batteries, clear your head and relax before beginning a new job. This may not always be possible as you may have to give two weeks notice and may have to begin your new job directly afterwards however try to relax and recharge before starting your new job.

Accept Change
The way companies do business is different everywhere and the way in which you will do your job will be different from your old company. You will need to prepare yourself for this and accept these changes. Small companies work differently from big companies and different industries work differently and do business differently from each other.

Expectations will also be different in your new company and more than likely you will be asked to accomplish more in a shorter period of time with fewer resources. Embrace the challenge.

Identify the 'golden children'

Every company has "golden children". These are people who have made significant contributions to the company and have been recognized accordingly. These people are generally senior people in the organization. Find out who these people are and emulate their behavior. Obviously they are doing something right!

What is the culture?
You never really get a strong sense of a company's culture until you work there. Study the culture of your new company.

  • What is the dress code?
  • How do people communicate, formally or informally?
  • Is the environment relaxed or stuffy?
  • What is the norm for meetings, face to face or telephone?
Clarify Expectations
It is key to being successful in your new position to clarify expectations with your new boss early on. Ask the questions such as..
  • What are the immediate priorities and challenges?
  • On what basis will my work be evaluated?
  • What is the overall company mission?
  • How does my dept fit in?
Don't rock the boat
Initially, at least it is not a good idea to rock the boat. If you want to make changes wait until you have become more comfortable in the companies and have allies.

Technical competence
Gaining any technical skills needed for your new job should be high on your priority list. You may need to spend more time outside of the usual work hours to get up to speed but in the long term it's well worth it -- plus your new boss will be impressed by your enthusiasm.

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