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How to Decide if the Job Offer Is Right for You

Congrats! You got the job offer.

Now comes the tough part -- do you accept it, or ask for a change in terms.

Companies in general want to hire the best people, so never fear if the terms are not exactly what you want, because there is nearly always room to make changes.

While looking over the offer and trying to determine if this is right for you, ask yourself the following questions…..

  • Is the company financially secure?
  • Is the culture one you would enjoy working in?
  • Are there any trends in the industry that would affect the company such as new technology/products?
  • Is the company going through any legal difficulties?
  • Are the company's values consistent with yours?

An offer can be broken down into three areas, the position, career implications, and salary and benefits. 

The Position

  • Do you think you will enjoy working with your new boss and co-workers?
  • Do you think you will enjoy working with your new company?
  • Does the position give you enough responsibility and authority to get the job done?
  • Do you believe the daily work appeals to you?
  • Do you believe you will find the job challenging?
Career Implications
  • Does this position get you to the next step on the career ladder or is it at the very least a lateral move? Hopefully you are not in a position where you are offered a job that is really a step backward in your career.
  • What are your likely career prospects in the company? Ask yourself  "If I choose this position, where could I be in five years?"

Salary and Benefits
  • Are you being offered a salary of fair market value for someone of your skills and background?
  • How does the salary compare to your last position?
  • Does the salary cover your basic monthly expenses and lifestyle?
  • What are the perks like?
  • Does the benefit package provide adequate medical coverage for your needs?

Evaluating the Perks

You may be in the fortunate position of having the more than one offer and can therefore compare salary and benefit packages. Many companies offer perks and here's a few.

  • Sign on bonus
  • Company car
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Work life balance programs that may for example allow you to work from home when needed.

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