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Interview Advice

First Impressions are definitely lastingimpressions, study upon study have shown this to be true. The first impressionhas a kind of halo affect and a lasting impression on the opinions andconclusions the interviewers draw.


  • Dress well
  • Carry yourself well
  • Use a firm handshake, not a hand crusher
  • Smile! Don't beam

Interview Strategy

  • Go in to the interview with a clear understanding of what you want to get out of it.
  • Be honest and open
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Use your verbal skills to the best of your ability
Answering Interview Questions Effectively

Answering questions effectively is really an art form and it begins with effective listening. Your answers should be given in a confident, enthusiastic and sincere tone, all key things an interviewer will be looking for in a candidate.
The following are some useful tips and advice on answering questions effectively
  • "Listen, Listen, Listen" to what is being asked! This cannot be stressed enough.
  • Take your time to formulate your answer before responding
  • Think about your response. Don't just rattle off a prepared answer. Your response will come across more natural this way and less like an answer you think the interviewer wants to hear.
  • Remember why you are at the interview. Sounds simple!
  • You are there to sell yourself and you need to do this in a dignified, no apologetic way but be careful of sounding too boastful.
  • Keep your answers succinct, but provide all the information requested of you with examples if necessary to emphasize points but don't ramble.
  • Use real life examples to answer hypothetical questions. This is by far the best approach than if you simply give your opinion.
  • Watch the interviewers response.

Be alert to the interviewers responses in case you are not giving the impression you want. Things to look out for include..
  1. The interviewer cutting you off before you are finished answering a question, this means he's bored with the response.
  2. Interviewers eyes wander
  3. Interviewer keeps shifting in his seat.
  4. Interviewer keeps looking at his watch.

Body Language
Body language is a non-verbal way to communicate. It includes changes in facial gestures, hand movements, eye movement or posture changes. Some people read more in to body language than others an unfortunately it is difficult to determine what your specific interviewer thinks. Do not be overly conscious of your gestures as you may come off as being contrived however, be aware of gestures that may negatively affect the interview. Examples include.

Rolling your eyes to the sky.

Avoiding eye contact.

Tense facial expression.

What to ask when it's your turn to ask the Questions
At some stage during the interview you will most likely be given the opportunity to ask questions. It is very important to ask appropriate questions. Questions that should be asked are ones where the answers will provide you with more insight to the company or will clarify a point the interviewer may have made during the interview. The more research you have done about the company the easier it is to come up with intelligent questions to ask the interviewer when the opportunity arises. The following are some examples of questions that are appropriate to ask.

What are the skills/qualities necessary for an individual to be successful in the position?

What kind of persons is likely to be successful in the company?

The history of the interviewer in the company i.e. positions the interviewer has held.

Competition challenges in the industry.

Company long-range plan, LRP.

Questions not to ask
Questions not to ask include information about company benefits including specifics on health plans or retirement plans. It is also not the time to discuss salary requirements unless you are being put on the spot to do so or the interviewer begun the discussion.

If you feel the need to ask these type of questions wait until you have been offered the position.

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