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Recruiters are people who match job hunters with open positions in companies for a fee. The hiring company generally pays the fee. Recruiters are also known as search consultants or headhunters. Recruiters can be specialized in hiring people for a specific industry or profession or they may be more generalists. For example, some recruitment companies specialize in hiring people for the food industry while others focus on filling positions in the healthcare industry such as doctor and nurse positions.

Recruiters have access to open positions that you would probably never hear about otherwise.

Executive search companies hire for top-level positions while recruitment companies will generally cater to all levels of positions in an industry. Executive recruiters are paid a retainer fee by the hiring company and can afford to be choosy about presenting people to the company for interview. You can find contact information for these people in trade magazines or by work of mouth. These people can be are real asset in your job search if of course you have the qualifications and background to match the senior level positions they generally hire for.

You should never be asked to pay a fee to an executive search firm or recruitment firm. The hiring company usually pays the fee so beware of any companies asking you for money.

Even if you are fortunate enough to be working with a good recruiter who is providing you with access to good job leads you still need to all the usual preparation for the interview.

A good recruiter will not just send you to every interview that comes up. They will really try to make sure both you and the hiring company meet only if you have what the hiring company is looking for and it is something you want.

Locating Recruiters
  • People

One of the most reliable and best ways to finding a good recruiter is by "word of mouth". People in your industry who have been placed by a recruiter and therefore have experience in dealing with a recruiter are the best people to get a recommendation from.
  • Trade Publications

Trade an industry publications are excellent sources for finding named of reputable recruitment firms and the more specialized executive recruitment firms.
  • Internet

The Internet is one of the easies of locating recruitment firms using some key work. The more focused the search the more likely you will find firms that can help you in your specific filed. For example, for technical jobs in the food industry use keywords such as food, jobs, recruitment, technical, technology, research and so on.

Working with a Recruiter
It is critical to establish a productive relationship with your recruiter. Whatever you do, don't misrepresent any aspect of your background. Recruiters will check out your background thoroughly before recommending you to a client for an open position.

Ask the recruiter for feedback on your resume and personal presentation style, that is if you have met with him in person. If you have had a screening interview with a recruiter over the phone solicit feedback on how come across on the phone.

Don't expect a recruiter to manager your job search for you. That's your job. A recruiter can help you get interviews and prepare for those interviews but they are not miracle workers. They can give you a head sup on jobs that you might not otherwise hear about however you will still need to prepare for the interview yourself.

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