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Organizing an international move with your pet is quite different than organizing a domestic move. For one thing you have to make arrangements for air travel, which will most likely be a longer flight, and ensure your pet is permitted into your new country. Relocation.com has compiled a list of useful tips to assist you with your pets move abroad:
  • Obtain your pets medical records and rabies vaccination forms from your current veterinarian. You may have to present these when transporting your pet.
  • Depending on where you are moving, your pet will most likely have to be quarantined from anywhere between a month to a year. Take the cost for quarantining your pet into consideration with other expenses when planning your pets move abroad.
  • Provide your pet with proper identification including your name, phone number, address and e-mail.
  • To avoid any problems contact your port entry veterinarian notifying him or her of your pet's arrival date, flight number, medications, special behavior or any other important details. You can learn how to contact the vet through your preferred airline.
  • Refer to our Moving with Pets Guide for more helpful information.
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