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Apartment Decorating Tips: Cheap Ways to Spruce Up Your Pad

By Relocation.com Staff

An apartment is the most popular type of home chosen by single professional and students. A unit usually composes of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and a bathroom - all of which are within a few square feet (about 300-500). Oftentimes, tight living quarters makes it hard to decorate a unit because of the limited space available. Some people tend to over decorate their pads and result to a cluttered scene while others know how to make a room look spacious through simple decor techniques.

Decorate less. The saying 'less is more certainly applies when decorating an apartment. Stay simple with decorations, which will make the area cluttered and appear too crammed. Consider a few pictures on your wall and bold paint choices as opposed to a montage of pictures on a wall. You can also create your own wall art by using old magazine and books.

Buy inexpensive materials. Another way to spend less is to buy items that are made of inexpensive materials. It’s nice to have a real leather couch, but unless you purchase your own place, when you rent an apartment, you consider it as a “starter” home – it’s a place for you to stay while you are still starting out your career, or while you wait to start a family. For example, there are certain furniture that are made from recycled materials but still look great all the same. And some furniture can be made from cheap materials, but can still be very efficient. Check out your local IKEA whose furniture is very inexpensive but you will have to assemble it yourself.

Consider the sales. When shopping for furniture, never be afraid to go to the sale section. You’ll never know when you’ll find the deal of a lifetime. Some sales can help you save up almost half of what you are willing to spend. Some wall decoration especially paintings are usually not up to what they are worth, so if you find a certain piece that you particularly like and happened to be up for sale then don’t hesitate to buy it.

Use energy efficient appliances. When you go to an appliance store make sure to ask the sales person about the watts consumed by the appliance. But be sure to choose the appliance that uses fewer watts with the same power or working efficiency. Fewer watts is equal to a lower electricity bill.

Purchase durable items. Another important thing to remember is to purchase items that are durable and long lasting. You won’t want a one week lasting coffee maker, or a sofa bed that’ll break down in a month. Be sure that you will always pay for what’s your money’s worth. There are many items out there that can give you value for your money.

Never be afraid to experiment with home decorating. But keep in mind these tips on how you’ll make your pad a great living without breaking the bank.

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