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1 Week Before Your Move

By Relocation.com Staff

  • Before you move, mow your lawn one last time. Especially if your home will not be unoccupied after your departure.
  • Mark any unmarked boxes as "Fragile," "Do not load," or "Load last" if you have not yet done so.
  • If you are not going directly to your new home, ensure that your movers have an address or phone number to contact you at in the event that something goes wrong.
  • Empty, clean and defrost your refrigerator/freezer during this final week and use baking soda to rid it of any foul odors.
  • Put together a moving day survival kit with items you will need for the trip and immediately when you arrive at your new home. These items include toilet paper, snacks, bottled water, dishes, toiletries, towels, etc. See our Guide to Better Packing.
  • Notify the police in your town if your home will be uninhabited for a long period of time.
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