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Wallpaper, despite the name is not always made of paper. The materials and coatings used to make and color the wall covering determine its appearance and affect how easy it is to hang. They also determine how easy and durable it is and how easy it is to clean. Some papers are scrubbable and are made of tougher stuff than washable wallpapers that can with stand a warm water sponge occasionally. It is therefore important to consider the type of abuse the wall will take before purchasing a paper. You may have to compromise but don't disregard either appearance or practicality.
  • Standard papers are relatively inexpensive and easy to hang however be careful not to tug too hard as standard paper tears easily and in relatively difficult to clean. Standard paper is cheap but does not have a protective coating so it seals easily.

  • Vinyl coated papers have a paper backing and a paper surface that's sealed with a liquid vinyl. The seal makes the wall covering washable so it can safely be sponged with soapy water occasionally.

  • Solid sheet vinyl wall covering are made up of vinyl to cloth or paper backing. These are the most rugged, stain resistant and scrubbable wall coverings.

  • Foils have a thin, shiny, metal coating that reflects light. This makes them a good choice for small rooms with no natural light. The wall surface needs to be in perfect condition as the wall covering is not forgiving on surfaces with imperfections. Foil is relatively expensive and a little advanced for the do-it-yourself, so it's best to call a professional to hang this wall covering.

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