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What to do in Case of Fire Damage

Most homeowners agree that fire may be an extremely overwhelming event. Whether caused by a forgotten burning cigarette or by a major gas leak, fire cause much more than debris and smoke. In the aftermath of a fire disaster you will need to consider health hazards such as burns, smoke poisoning and other respiratory irritations.

Prevent Fire Damage.
According to FEMA, fires are the second leading cause of accidental death around the home and every year, billions of dollars can be saved with proper preparation as routine maintenance can often be the difference between a minor cleanup and a major fire damage restoration.

In Case of Fire Damage.
Be proactive and regain control over your damage. Follow these tips:

1. Put Safety First.
Even after they are extinguished, fires present danger. Do not endanger yourself or your relatives. Keep children and pets away. Enter the building only after it is determined safe. Use protective gear, and wet down debris to minimize health impacts.

2. Secure Your Property.
Take steps to protect and secure your home and personal belongings from further damage. Lock and secure your home when not occupied to prevent looting. Keep in mind that alarm systems may not work if power is cut off.

3. Asses the Damage.
Damage assessment is an important step when coping with a fire disaster. An accurate assessment of damage, cause to both structure and content, will help your insurance adjuster to efficiently process the damage claim and will help speeding up the restoration process, allowing you and your family to get back to normal faster.

4. Hire a Restoration Professional.
Depending on the extent of the damage, cleaning after a fire loss may be a simple task or a very complex one. The two main aspects you must consider are eliminating health hazards, caused by soot, and eliminating smoke odors.

These tasks are best performed by professional restoration technicians. Utilizing their knowledge and special equipment, fire restorers will guarantee best results in a shorter time frame and will minimize damage to your home and content.

First Aid.
Although most fire damage restoration companies provide 24/7 service and can be onsite within 60-90 minutes from the time you contact them, it is recommended that you start minimizing the damage by following these tips:

Please Note: Follow these tips only if your home is determined safe!

  1. Open all windows to allow fresh air circulation.
  2. Empty your freezer and refrigerator completely if power is off.
  3. Do not wipe or wash walls, ceilings, or any other absorbent surfaces.
  4. Do not eat food that has been exposed to excessive heat.
  5. Avoid using electrical appliances until cleaned, checked, and determined safe.
  6. To prevent further damage to clothes and textiles, do not wash them and don't send to an ordinary dry cleaner as improper cleaning may set smoke odors in the fabric.

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