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Painting Woodwork

Professional results depend on good preparation work. To prevent dirt and dust form settling on wet paint while painting wood, it is critical you keep the area clean and free from draft. It's a good idea to turn down the thermostat on the furnace to prevent it from cycling on which causes dust laden drafts. IF the wood is bare, apply a primer.

If you are painting over already painted wood you need to prepare the surface by either applying a de-glosser or lightly sanding the surface first.

If enamel is too thick you can use penetrol to thin down the alkyd enamels and floterol for thinning latex enamels. Thick enamel can sag and leave brush marks.

Paint windows from the inside out so you can paint the sash first, then the frame and lastly the casing or molding. Paint the windowsill last. For windows with removable sashes remove them for painting so you don't get paint in the channels as this can make it difficult or even impossible to slide. For the edges, use a clear penetrating wood sealer to prevent moisture entering the sash.

Choose a durable finish for doors especially ones that are in high traffic areas so they will get a lot of use and abuse. A semi gloss or gloss make cleaning easier. Two topcoats are generally needed and if you are painting over a glossy paint, use a de-glosser first to dull the finish. Leave doors hanging on their hinges while you paint them so you can paint both sides at the same time.

Seal all surfaces on new doors to prevent moisture from entering the door and causing it to warp.

Paint a flat door with a brush, pad or roller. If you use a roller, back brush with a wide brush or pad to smooth the roller stipple.

For raised panel doors, use a brush and paint with the natural grain of the wood. Paint the raised panels first however cut in carefully first and avoid getting paint on the faces of the stiles, rails and frame.

Baseboard and other Molding
Choose a sash brush or a brush that matches the dimensions of the woodwork you're painting. An angles sash brush works especially well.

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