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Baby's Room: Tips to Decorate a Nursery

Welcoming a new baby in the family is an exciting time. There are many preparations to handle before the baby arrives, including the nursery. Here are some helpful tips for how to design and decorate a nursery for a newborn son or daughter:

1. Choose a color scheme.
There are several options. You could choose a traditional color for boys (i.e. blue) or girls (i.e. pink). Another option would be to choose a unisex color (i.e. green or yellow). Whichever color you choose, it's advisable that you select a bright one. That will help to keep the baby's attention. Whichever color you choose, create a color scheme by mixing and matching different colors in the room.

2. Prepare a unisex nursery for more flexibility.
This is an excellent choice if for a couple of situations. You can start the preparations for the nursery before you learn the gender of the baby. That will give you enough time to do all the decorating for the nursery. Another benefit of this option is that you could use the nursery in the future, for another child.

3. Get ideas.
There's no right or wrong way to decorate a nursery, so one of the best steps is to get as many ideas as possible. Watch “home” TV channels, flip through home decorating magazines, talk with friends and relatives who have already decorated a nursery, and of course—surf the Internet. The more ideas you get, the more likely you can decorate a nursery that you'll be pleased with.

4. Choose a theme.
As with the color scheme, there are a seemingly unlimited number of themes to choose from. You could select one that's gender-specific, or one that's more unisex. Like a color scheme, the main benefit of a theme is that you can bring together different elements in the room.

5. Consider all the options for walls.
When decorating the walls of the nursery you have several options. Paint and wallpaper are some of the most popular ones. However you adorn the walls, use the color and design to create a color scheme or theme in the room.

6. Plan before decorating.
As when decorating any other room, it's important to do enough planning before decorating. New computer software has made interior decorating much easier than in the past. You could handle the planning yourself, or get the assistance of an interior decorator. If you choose to get professional help, then you should still work closely with the decorator so he or she can create what you envision.

7. Select the right furniture pieces.
These are some of the most important components of any nursery, so choose them carefully. Changing tables and dressers are some of the furniture pieces that you should consider adding to the nursery. However, the bedding is one of the most important items. In particular, consider whether you want a traditional crib, or one that you can adjust as your infant becomes a toddler. Make sure to shop around for nursery furniture, so you can get the right pieces at the right prices.

A baby can be a blessing for anyone. While a newborn may not be able to fully appreciate its room, preparing a nursery is really all about the work loving parents put into it, to prepare for their special new arrival.

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