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All About Paint

Paint vs. Stain
If you have siding you cannot stain over previously painted surfaces. Paint is the preferred finish for smooth siding, trim and metal siding like steel or aluminum.

Although paint last longer than stain, paint finish builds up and can peel. Stain is easier to apply and preparation is usually limited to simple power washing.

Exterior Latex Paint
Latex paint is the favorite for most exterior surfaces. It is popular because it is easy to use and more environmentally friendly than oil-based paint. Exterior latex paint has superior color retention over oil-based paint and it doesn't fade as much.

Exterior Oil-Based Paint-Alkyd
On some surfaces, an oil-based paint may be a better choice than latex. If a surface has already been painted with an oil-based paint. Oil-based paints are generally easier to clean and have a greater shine than latex paint and are often used on high contact areas such as doors and trim.

Choosing an Interior Paint
Interior paints come in a variety of different gloss ranges or sheens. Basically there are flat, semi gloss and gloss sheens. Within each of these three categories, there are several to choose from.

A flat sheen reflects the minimum amount of light and is at the dull end of the sheen spectrum. It is commonly used on ceilings and on walls to reduce glare and to hide small surface imperfections. It is generally not considered washable.

Eggshell, Lo luster, Satin :
These paints are more washable and have more sheen. The sheen is more noticeable when the surface is lighted form the side.

His paint has more sheen making it even more washable. This paint is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens and kids rooms. This paint is also commonly used on wood trim.

Gloss and High Gloss:
High gloss paint has a mirror like sheen. These are the most dirt resistant and cleanable of all paint and are often used on trim and woodwork. Gloss enamels are most often used on doors, furniture and cabinets because the surface can withstand heavy cleaning.

Interior Stain:
Wood stains are available in a variety of wood tones as well as pastels. Let your decorating tastes determine which is best for you. For example, for wood with a nice grain pattern a deep penetrating stain can be used to enhance the pattern. For less attractive or less expensive wood, consider using a pigmented stain as they conceal more. If you cannot find the perfect color, you can mix stains together and make your own unique stain.

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