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What Can an Agent Do?

An agent is a trained professional who understand the ins and outs of selling a home. The agent can help with any or all of the following:
  • Set Listing Price
    The agent can help set the list price. Remember, you do not want to set the price too high, as you may not get many people to even visit and inspect your home. The agent has an access to comparables. Comparables are homes in you area that have recently sold and are similar in style and structure to yours. By using comparables you have an idea on what the asking price on you home should be.

  • Marketing the home
    The agent can market your home in a number of ways. Agents in general need to be experts in marketing. Your home can be listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is a listing that only agent have access to. MLS has listings on every home that is for sale. Other agents use this to find and match clients with properties. Agents may also host open houses in you home to bring in potential buyers. Another popular way of marketing is advertising in the local papers. The agent may decide that this is a good way of advertising your property.

  • Negotiating the deal
    Negotiating is probably the most difficult part of the selling process and many people use an agent simply because of this. The agent acts as a buffer and takes the emotion out of the negotiations. The seller's agent will work on you behalf to make sure you get at or near the listed price and is responsible for making sure the buyer's agent is aware of the true market value of the home.

  • Suggest any repairs
    The agent will be able to let you know what repairs will be absolutely necessary and what will not add to the value. You can always decide to do no necessary repairs and the agent will be able to understand how this will affect pricing. You may have seen the comment "For sale as is " home advertisements. This usually means that the home is in need of some repair.

  • Closing
    The agent will help with any paperwork and inspection needed prior to closing. The agent will also attend the closing to ensure a smooth closing and if something comes up the agent can help to resolve the matter.

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