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Personalizing Your New Home

Imagine your new home as a blank white canvas that you can decorate any which way you desire. Moving gives you the opportunity for a fresh start so take advantage of the perks of moving into a new home and personalize it to suit you or your family's taste and style. You can go modern, with abstract furniture and chic colors, or option for an old-fashioned look with embroidered curtains and dark hues. Use your creativity, but work within the limits of your homes dimensions and size. Whatever you decide, our tips are here to guide you through what to consider before you pick up the paintbrush.

  • Make a photo collection. Flip through websites and magazines to put together a group of images that reflect how you envision your future home to be. Seeing examples of a finished kitchen or dining room can inspire you to go in a certain direction with your decorating.
  • Factor in your lifestyle. Think about the everyday activities that go on in your home and consider them when making decorating arrangements. Do you have small children? If so, it is best to eliminate sharp areas or you may want to option for stain resistant carpets.
  • Locate your blueprints. Have a clear idea of how many rooms your home has, how many closets or bathrooms. When decorating from a distance, you want to know what size room you are planning for. If possible, visit your new home and photograph each room prior to move-in to obtain a better idea of what you're working with.
  • A little can go a long way. Consider the smaller details that can add a lot such as redoing cabinets, light fixtures or painting rooms a certain color. A decorative lamp or painting can really make a room stand out.
  • Reuse. Have a coffee table from your old home you would like to fix up? If you do not want to transport heavy furniture, consider bringing along the smaller items to decorate the new house. If it isn't in the best of shape, you can take it to be adjusted and polished. This will save you money and the frustration of hunting through furniture stores.
  • Avoid too much color. Try to stay away from painting your home more than two or three different colors. If you decide to do so, make sure these colors are in the same family or blend well together. One suggestion is to bring home samples and test the color on a small section of the wall before you decide to go ahead and paint the entire room.

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