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Tips for Decorating A College Dorm Room

By Relocation.com

Moving for college can be an exciting time for any student. There’s lots to take care of – locating moving companies, getting the right classes, professors, books, hanging out with friends and studying. Many students opt to stay in a dorm, as this is usually the most convenient option. These students will spend a lot of their spare time in their dorms. Despite what movies and TV may portray, many dorms are small and bare, and it is up to the student to make it their own. If you’re off to start dorm life, here are some home improvement tips to help you decorate your dorm.

Most likely, your school will provide you with a twin bed, a desk and chair. Linens can make a big statement in any room, so choose patterns and colors you like, and you may not need much more to decorate your room. Choose fabrics with high thread count, as these are more comfortable and can last longer and won’t wear as easily. Also, make sure you choose colors that don’t get dirty easily. These will not just prevent dirt from building up, but it will ensure your sheets and pillowcases can last you much longer.

If you’re used to having a large room at home, you may be surprised at how small your dorm room is and how little space you have. So, bring only what you need until you go back home, but it’s also important to organize your things. You can create more space for your things by raising your bed on cement blocks, so you can store things under your bed. Put whatever you can put on hooks, like towels, jackets and bags. Create more space in your closet by using dividers to make use of your vertical space. You can also use furniture that does double duty, like a stool that has storage space inside. Remember to keep your things neat and folded away, and avoid clutter.

Wall Space.
You may find it boring to stare at empty white or gray walls everyday, so get creative and fill those walls! Hang up photos, posters, wall hangings, fabrics or create your own murals with some paint. Make note of your dorm contract though, and make sure you only do things that are allowed to ensure that you get your deposit back. There are hooks and tapes available today that minimize markings on the walls, and when you do move out, you may find it worthwhile to use some elbow grease to clean and paint any smudges and stains.

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