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Unclogging a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can get clogged up with some food products that cannot be broken down by the unit. These include things like corncobs, chicken bones, avocado pits.

The following are the main causes of clogs in your garbage disposal.
  • Dropping a foreign object usually a spoon or fork into the disposal.

  • Rapidly feeding into the garbage.

  • Failing to run enough water while garbage is being processed.

Do not use chemical drain cleaners in a disposal unit. The chemicals are generally very corrosive and can damage any plastic or rubber parts. A lemon cut in half put through the garbage disposal unit can clean out the unit naturally.

Follow these steps to unclog the garbage disposal unit…
  1. Turn off the power switch

  2. Shine a flashlight into the disposal unit and this may show you what's blocking the drain.

  3. If you can see the object blocking the unit, use a pair of pliers to reach inside the disposal and remove it.

  4. Wait a few minutes to allow the disposal unit to cool.

  5. Turn the power on and push the reset or overload protection button.

If the disposal unit is still clogged, follow these steps…
  1. Turn the units power off and insert a wooden spoon or broom handle into the opening.

  2. Push the bottom end of the wooden instrument against the blades that grind up the garbage.

  3. When the impeller moves freely, wait a few minutes, turn on the power and push the reset button.

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