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Always take the time to mask areas you don't want to paint. You can use either one of the following..
  1. Painters Tape
    This tape is available in various degrees of tackiness and width and is specifically designed for masking. This tape seals well and comes off easy.

  2. Pre-taped Masking paper or plastic
    The shelf stick edges adhere to surfaces such as the tops or widows and door trim for a straight painting edge. The seal isn't as reliable as that of a painters tape and the tape often has too much adhesive making it harder to remove.

After you apply the painter's tape or other masking systems, keep the following tips in mind.
  • Press the edge with a putty knife or another hard material to seal it. This will prevent the paint form bleeding under the tape.

  • Remove the tape as soon as the paint has dried to the touch. This will be about three to four hours after applying the paint. Don't wait for more than a day, as the tape may get too much sticky especially if the room is warm.

  • To remove the paint, slowly peel it back at an angle away from the painted surface to avoid peeling off the freshly painted paint.

Consider masking the following when painting walls and ceilings.
  • Tops of base moldings

  • Tops of windows and door casings

  • Tops of baseboard heating trim

  • Heating or air conditioning grilles that you cannot remove

  • Bases for wall or ceiling mounted light fixtures

When painting or finishing the following areas, follow these recommendations
  • For baseboard, mask hardwood flooring at the baseboard

  • For flooring, mask the baseboards

  • For doors and windows, mask all hinges and other hardware

  • For baseboard heating trim, mask the walls

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