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Toilet Installation

A toilet is installed in three parts. First, secure the toilet base to the floor, second you fasten the tank to the base and lastly, connect the water supply to fill the toilet with water.

If you are installing a one-piece toilet, it's a little more cumbersome than a two-piece unit. The installation typically is faster as its as it's a single piece.

Tools for Toilet Installation
  • Screwdriver

  • Putty Knife

  • Bowl Gasket or Wax Ring

  • Plumber's putty

  • Carpenters Level

Follow these steps to install the unit
  • Prepare the floor for a wax ring

  • Locate the closet bowls and attach them to the toilet flange

  • Place toilet on a soft surface

  • Find the toilet horn. This is the short spout in the center of the toilets base. Place the wax ring on to the toilet horn and press it down firmly.

  • Lower the toilet base on the flange by lining up the closest bolts over the holes in the toilet base.

  • Press the base down on the wax ring. Be firm but gentle.

  • Make sure the bowl is level by placing a level on the toilet base and going side by side and then place the washers and nut on the bolts using an adjustable wrench to tighten.

  • Use the trim caps to cover the bolts

  • Install the flush mechanism

  • Turn the tank upside down and attach the rubber seal to the pipe that sticks out from the bottom of the tank or the spud, as it is commonly known.

  • Turn the tank right side up and center the spud washer over the water intake opening that is at the back edge of the bowl in the toilet base.
  • Lower the tank to the back of the bowl and align the tank bolts and rubber washers with the holes in tank and insert the tank mounting bolts through the holes in the bowl.

  • Once the toilet bowl is on its underside, thread on the washers and nuts and tighten.

  • Connect the riser tube and shut off valve by fastening the coupling nut to the tank fitting and the compression fitting to the shut off valve.

  • Turn on the water supply at the stop valve to fill the tank and toilet with water. Check for leaks and watch the toilet as it begins to fill with water.

  • Adjust the water level per the manufacturers instructions.

  • Lastly, attach the toilet seat. Push the bolts through the holes in the toilet base and then hold the nut below while you tighten the bolts

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