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How to Organize Your Garage

By Relocation.com

Does your garage look like a disaster area? Is it filled up with so much junk that you can barely fit a car in there? Then it’s time to get your garage organized with these simple home improvement tips!

First, if your garage has too much stuff in it (and not enough cars) then it’s time to get rid of those things! Most likely, if you haven’t used something in a year, you’ll never use it again, so get rid of the excess clutter! Keep only what you need (and be ruthless when it comes to determining what you need) and you can organize the rest. Have a garage sale for things you don’t want anymore, and you can out the profits towards organizing your garage.

Next, you’ll have to determine what you want to do with your garage? Is it primarily for storing your vehicles, or do you want to do more, such as creating a workshop or a “man cave” where you and your friends can hang out and watch some games and drink beer. This will determine how you organize your garage.

The garage can also be a place where you store things, like your tools, extra moving boxes and maybe a few extra items for the house. In this case, you should put aside a section just for storage. Get some garage storage bins, so you can effectively use the space to store small items, and make sure you label them properly so you’re not always searching for the things you need. You can also use the walls to hold things by installing a rack, so you can organize things like tools and such, or even the ceiling, where you can hang big things like bikes, and other recreational items.

It’s also important to maintain your garage, since you took all this time to organize it. Keep it free of clutter and try to put things back where they are supposed to be. Mildew and mold is your number one enemy, as the garage is often a cold and damp space where such things can build up. Good ventilation is important, so make sure you have ventilation fans or shafts, or else you should regularly leave your garage door open during a dry day for a few hours every week so it can dry out. If the mildew and mold has already grown, then you’ll have to remove it, usually for mild growths, some strong soap or bleach and scrubbing will do. For more serious cases, you may have to consult a professional.

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