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Be sure to check if the plumbing fixture fits the new sinks requirements. Before you buy or order a sink, take some measurements.

Establishing Drain Height
Measure the distance from the underside of the countertop to the center of the drain line that comes out of the wall. Generally this is 12-18 inches. Drain height is usually not an issue unless you're going form a very shallow sink to one that has very deep bowls. If you do switch to deeper bowls there may be an issue only if the set up has a shallow bowl coupled with a drain exit position. The drain piper may need to be lowered and it is best to call in an expert licensed plumber to assess the situation.

Shut Off Valve Height
It is necessary to measure the height of the shut off valve from the floor of the sink base cabinets to the center of the valve. If you're sink does not have a shut off valve, now is a good time to install one.

Install the Faucet before installing the Sink
It is easier to install the faucet before installing the sink. Pay close attention when you're buying a faucet and sink, as the number of holes needed for the faucet should match the number of factory drilled holes in the back or lip of the sink.

Generally there are four holes, three for the faucets and the fourth on the far right for the spray hose or soap dispenser.

Securing the Faucet to the Sink
  1. Place the faucet over the three holes on the left sink with the faucet tailpieces going in to the two outside holes.

  2. Screw the plastic nuts on to the threaded tailpieces and hand-tighten until snug.

  3. Finish tightening the nuts with a groove pliers

  4. Per the manufacturers instructions, seal the area where the faucet meets the sink.

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