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Locating Furniture

The step of actually figuring out where to locate furniture can be difficult. The easiest way to place and move furniture about is on paper. You can try different positions and look at all the different options without any of the heavy lifting. You can buy to scale, paper or cardboard cut outs of standard pieces of furniture or you can make your own. You can then move these about on your floor plan.

To help make this process more successful, carry out the following exercises.
  • Locate the traffic patterns

  • Use arrows to indicate entrances or pathways. Don't place furniture in traffic paths or in TV viewing areas or conversation areas. You do not want to make a room unsuitable for its purpose by placing furniture poorly.

  • Find a feature in the room to serve as the focal point.

  • A fireplace or a picture window is perfect for this purpose. Arrange important furniture around the focal pint and the rest of the room's arrangement will naturally fall in to place.

  • Make and important piece of furniture such as an antique armoire stand out if you have a room with not natural focal point. Very often the wall opposite the entryway is an excellent location to place that important piece of furniture.

  • Be sure to allow adequate space around individual pieces of furniture and groupings of furniture. Some pieces of furniture need more breathing space than others. For example, a dining buffet or a large armoire requires at least three feet clearance to breath around the front and sides.

Once you have all your furniture on a floor plan, ask yourself the following questions to help evaluate the plan.
  • Does the plan take advantage of the rooms good architectural features?

  • Does the plan allow for the openness or intimacy you want?

  • Will you enjoy being in the room?

  • Does the plan meet all the function requirements?

  • Will the room feel welcoming by following the floor plan?

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