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DIY: Relocation.com's Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas

What makes Halloween special are the spooky and often imaginative Halloween decorations that are synonymous with the holiday. After awhile, though, we can't tell the difference  from one Jack-O'-Lantern to the next. Instead of going the traditional decorating route this Halloween decorations, we've come up with some ideas to help you get your haunted with a sign, creepy candy and ghoulish homemade lanterns.

Make a family sign.
Represent your family name by making a spooky family sign for all trick-or-treaters. All it takes is a piece of cardboard, string or twine and a collection of acorns, twigs, dried leaves and whatever other seasonal scraps you can find around your neighborhood. Start by punching a few holes in a piece of cardboard and attaching pieces of twine to it. Then attach your acorns, twigs and beautiful leaves, to the cardboard with tacky glue. Allow 15 minutes to dry, and hang you sign from a tree branch in your front yard; the sign is a spooky greeting for all who visit.

Homemade lanterns.
Stationed on a walkway or porch, these homemade lanterns will offer a ghostly greeting and ghoulish good-bye to all your holiday visitors. Start by drawing ghost eyes and mouths on the jugs. (Tip: Leave the caps on throughout the drawing process. This will help prevent the jugs from denting.) Next, under adult supervision, use a craft knife to cut a hole about the size of a half-dollar in the back of each jug. Last, arrange the ghosts near each other and string lights between them, stuffing several bulbs into each of the jugs.

Creepy candy.
Create a creepy, crawly candy bar. Give trick-or-treaters and party guests their treats by placing assorted sizes of glass jars on a large table or front porch. Fill the jars with scary looking candy such as candy eyeballs, black string licorice, gummy worms and jellybeans. Have some fun labeling the jars of candy something creepy; for example, the black string licorice as rat-tails, the black jellybeans as bat droppings, candy eyeballs as ogre eyes. For the gummi worms, crush a small box of Oreos to create "dirt.” Get creative with this one; the creepier, the better.

Flowerpot pumpkins.
With this nonperishable alternative to your classic Jack-O'-Lantern, you can assemble a whole lineup of party pumpkins in short order – no carving knife required. For each one, invert a terra-cotta pot. Start by cutting eyes, a nose and a toothy grin out of yellow craft paper. Brush Mod-Podge 'outdoor' on the surface of the pot where you want the features to go, and press them in place. To weatherproof your latest creation, apply a final coat to the entire pot. Finally, insert a short, fat stick into the hole for a stem. Scatter the flowerpot pumpkins around your yard for all your visitors to enjoy.

Party down with a Jack O’Lantern.
As an alternative of spending backbreaking hours carving (and cleaning) by yourself, host a pumpkin-carving party. Invite friends and family over to share in scary storytelling and cider sipping while everyone carves their own masterpiece. A great way to show your creativity, the possibilities for Jack-O'-Lantern DIY designs are endless. Looking for a few ideas? Check online for unique design ideas or find inspiration from a favorite magazine or catalog. Tip: Carve the pumpkins a week or two before Halloween; any longer and they will likely rot by the 31st.


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