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Removing an Old Toilet

The steps to install a toilet are the reverse of installing on. Preparation is key to a successful removal. You will need a bucket, rubber gloves, a scraper and a wrench.

The water in the tank is clean and the water in the bowl will be flushed away before you begin.

Follow these steps to remove an old toilet..
  1. Clean out the toilet with bleach cleaner and flush several times.

  2. Turn off the water to the toilet and flush the toilet again, lift off the top of the tank and set it aside.

  3. Mop water out of the tank with a sponge and disconnect the supply line to it at the bottom of the toilet tank.

  4. Wear rubber gloves to protect against bacteria and use a large sponge to mop up the remaining water in a bowl.

  5. Remove the gloves and wash your hand thoroughly

  6. Find the nuts and bolds on the underside of the toilet base and loosen these using a wrench.

  7. Next, find the nuts and bolts that hold the toilet base to the floor and use a wrench to loosen these also.

  8. Gently, rock the toilet bowl form side to side to break the seal of the wax ring then lift it straight off.

  9. Remove the old wax ring from the floor.

  10. Clean the floor of all residue using a scraper.

  11. Use a bleach or disinfectant to clean up.

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