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Contemporary Patterns

Having an amazing design in your room will truly make a place your own and showcase your personality. One way to do so is with color and contemporary patterns.

Contemporary patterns are considered geometric shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and ovals. Most contemporary patterns do not include flowers, which are considered historical. Contemporary patterns are often similar to historical patterns but are more simple and less complex.

Contemporary patterns are essentially fresh takes on familiar subjects such as lions, zebras and cheetahs or horses, dogs and chickens. Pattern is all different sizes, shapes, in strong bold colors are very contemporary or "now".

Planning for Pattern:
Ask yourself the following questions when considering pattern for a room:

  1. Is the color sceheme right for the room?

  2. Do I like the pattern?

  3. Is the pattern texture right for the space?

  4. Does the pattern make the statement I want?

Picking a Pattern:
Almost any pattern that you like can serve as the basis for a decorating scheme. You can find interesting patterns almost everywhere such as one bedding walls, area rugs and even gift-wrap paper.

When choosing a particular pattern you will automatically begin to pick out companion patterns. Fro example, medium stripes go with large floral patterns:

  • Small Rooms:
    For small rooms chose a pattern on a light background for the large surfaces such as floors and walls. Use the bolder accent colors on the patterns for the accessories.
  • Large Rooms:
    For large rooms, use the dominant color for the large surfaces such as floor and walls and use the background color for accent or upholstery, area rugs and window treatments.

Pattern as a Background:
Pattern can create distinctive background for a room. It can also be used to compensate for poor architecture. For example, a low ceiling can be "raised" by putting a vertical striped pattern on the walls. Always pick a pattern and color scheme based on the room size.

  • Small Rooms:
    Light backgrounds and a softly colored pattern should beselected. Using a three dimensional effect such as trellis pattern in a room makes the room seem larger.
  • Medium Rooms:
    Strong colored patterns on light backgrounds in mid size rooms makes the room seem larger.

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