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How to Attach Water Supply Lines to the Faucets

Attaching water supply lines to a faucet is no easy feat. Follow these home improvement tips to master this technique today!

  1. After the faucet is secured to the sink, you will need to attach the water supply line that will eventually be connected to the shut off valve on the main water supply pipes.
  2. Do not hurry when attaching the supply lines. Faucet tailpieces are either brass or plastic and the threads can easily be stripped.
  3. If your new faucets come with factory tailpieces, the only attaching you will need to do is directly to the shut off valve.
  4. If you have to install flexible copper supply tubes, it's important to handle with care especially when bending and shaping the copper tubes.
  5. Attach the tube to the sinks tailpieces.
  6. Position the tube between the tailpiece and the shut off valve, then mark the tube so that it will fit down into the valve after it has been cut.
  7. Use a tubing cutter to cut off the excess. Attach the tube to the tailpiece with a coupling nut and use the compression nut and ring to secure the other end of the tube to the shut off valve. There are now new braided steel supply lines that have become more popular. These are rubber supply lines with a steel braided outer jacket wrapped around it.
  8. Be sure to verify that this meets your local plumbing codes, as they are not yet accepted in all regions.

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